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When Clodagh from Ireland asked me to write a wedding speech for her husband-to-be, I was thrilled to help. She reflected back on her relationship and filled me in on the details. As she said, the result was “perfect.” On your big day of days, whether you’re the bride, the groom, Maid or Matron of Honor, let me take the pressure off by writing a wonderful wedding speech, filled with your love and best wishes.

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Wedding speech for Jerry and I

The place was Newcastle West and I remember every detail—as if it were this morning. We had never met before—even though we lived only a few miles apart. After a brief chat we went our separate ways. But something happened, something warm and deep that I could feel right in my heart. Apparently it was mutual, because the next day I was overjoyed to get a text message from none other than Mr. Jerry McAuliffe. The words in that text are seared forever in my mind:

“Do u fancy meeting up dis evening?”

Well, I did fancy meeting up, indeed! I remember huddling excitedly with my sister, Emer, and she helped me to figure out what I would wear. I didn’t give her too many details. In fact, all I told her was that I was going out to meet “a friend.” Of course, deep down she knew—from my hyper activity—that I was meeting much, much more than a friend alone.

Fact is, I had heard all my life that “you’ll know when you have found the right person.” Well, do you know what? It’s true. I had found him, and I was as sure of it as I’m sure of anything.

I took off in my freshly washed car and Jerry and I met exactly according to plan, outside the church in Feohanagh. I can still picture him as he stood there, smiling broadly in his jeep, that gorgeous head of hair waving in the wind. He was giving me a most joyous “thumbs up“ sign, and he was a sight to behold!

We headed off straightaway to the beach at Ballybunion. We walked on the beach at sunset and we sat on the rock. Trust me, you couldn’t find a more romantic place for a first kiss!

From then on our relationship grew stronger and stronger all the time. My initial instincts were right: In Jerry, I had met my soulmate, my best friend for life, my rock. That’s what he meant to me then. That’s what he means to me now. And that, I am sure, is what he’ll be forever more.

A year ago we bought a house and a farm and we love it. We love our life. Jerry works the farm and I teach at the Croom National School. We work hard. For Jerry, work as a farmer is truly a full-time affair, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But he’s overjoyed because it’s exactly what he wants.

Meanwhile, Jerry has been the most romantic soul on earth. I remember the Valentine’s Day when a dozen red roses were delivered to me at the Broadford National School. I nearly died with surprise and joy.

Then there was a silver watch emblazoned with a heart, and with a simple, timeless inscription: “Clodagh, Love Jerry.” And our first Christmas together, which we spent in Paris, of all places! Walking those streets of light, breathing cold, fresh air, climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower and feeling, in my heart, that life just cannot be better than this.

And then there’s a matter of our engagement. Oh what a sweet, silly, incredibly romantic guy my Jerry is! He took me to Ballybunion again—on the second anniversary of our first date. Right there, in the sand of that gorgeous beach, he got down on one knee—something that he often did just to fool around and tease me. I thought it was a joke again and I told him. “Will you get up you eejit?” I said, laughing. But it wasn’t a joke. It was as real as Jerry’s magnificent heart. So was that exquisite ring he put on my finger. I burst into tears. Then I hugged and kissed my husband-to-be. It was all like a dream. And it still is.

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It’s perfect, very touching, and I’m still crying. I hope I can hold it together on the day.

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