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In Honor of Samantha

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the term, “Be careful what you wish for” and how it means you might want something very, very much, but when you get it, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Well, in my case, what I wished for was everything wonderful imaginable—and then some.

I was a ten year old girl with two brothers. They were fine, no problem. But when I found out that mom was going to have baby number four, I wished for a little sister. In fact, I begged mom for one.

I even made arrangements just in case mom dared to have a third little boy. I told her that if indeed it was a boy she could give it to our Aunt Bonnie. I had the whole thing figured out.

We were right there with Samantha at the beginning… and I mean VERY beginning. David and I were both in the delivery room and I couldn’t believe it… I was SO excited… when the big moment and my little sister came. While David was busy cutting the umbilical cord, I was thinking how great it was to have my dream come true.

Right from the start, Sam was special. Between mom and dad and three older siblings, it was like she had 5 parents, or like she was an only child on which we all doted all the time. She was our toy.

In fact, I remember how her two big brothers would throw pillows at her when she tried to run across the room. She was so small she’d fall down when those soft pillows made contact. It was hysterical.

Of course, big brothers are also big protectors. When she got older, the boys would refuse to drive her anywhere if she had on something that they deemed “scandalous.”

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The only word which comes to mind is “brilliant.” What a poem, it captures Jack so well and I know it will bring tears to his eyes when it is read to him.

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