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Has your daughter grown up and found the man of her dreams? Perhaps you’re the bride and want to say a few words to your groom? Maybe your best girlfriends want to send their love on the wedding day? Have you been asked to be the Maid of Honor and don’t know what to say? The solution is to order an original wedding poem from Poems to Go.

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To my Love

Peter, I want you to know
That throughout this precious life,
The thing that makes me happiest
Is that I am now your wife.

Now we go through life together,
Down the aisle, then hand in hand.
You mean the most to me, my dear,
I measure the world in my wedding band.

You’re just the sweetest man of all,
Even though you can be cheeky.
In truth, you never stop talking,
You’re on a perpetual blue-streaky.

But that’s alright ’cause what you say
Is proof that you’re sugar sweet.
In fact, dear Peter, I’ll say to all
That you really can’t be beat.

It’s the way you are with others,
So kind, with care from the heart,
It’s the kind of father you are,
To Robert and Kelly, to start…

It’s also in the way
You bring love to Eleanor,
And it’s the kind of son you are,
To Mavis and Pete, for sure.

So warm and genuinely funny,
With interests far and wide,
From Aston Villa football
To planes that fly and glide.

I want to thank you for always showing
Your love with so many gifts.
For your consistency of feeling,
And solidity that seldom shifts.

Peter, I think of all the times
You’ve spent with my Dad and Mum,
To talk, to brew a cup of tea,
And be an all-around chum.

It’s part of all that makes you
So special in every way.
And why I know I’m so lucky
On this extraordinary way.

Just like you drive your bus
With assuredness so straight.
I have to acknowledge something,
Perhaps, let’s call it fate.

That something brought us together,
And joined us now as one.
For a life of joy and care and peace,
And don’t forget—the fun.

Our family is a center,
A heart, a circle of light.
And having you in my world
Makes the world, for me, all right.

So keep on talking, Peter.
I love the sound of your voice.
To me it’s smooth as silk,
Just like an idling Roll-Royce.

Now that we are married
Our world is one for all days.
I love you dearly, Peter,
And for me, you never fail to amaze.

Dear Sis

Emily Griffiths, what a gal,
Truly a lovely young miss.
She’s also one of a kind in this world,
My one and only little sis.

Em’s six and a half years younger than me,
And how I tooted my horn,
When Mum and Dad said she was coming
I couldn’t wait until she was born.

Such a fun little kid, how we laughed,
It’s always been the same.
Just like Christmas when we were young,
With Gran, we’d play every game.

I’ll never forget our fun with Cindy,
She was our old beloved horse.
Once I dressed up Em as a Thelwell,
Good times were a matter of course.

As Em grew up she spent more time
Going out—the little pip.
Had a favorite pub in Trefin,
Em was always at The Ship.

Then St. David’s rugby club,
That was her place to go.
Em nursed plenty a hangover,
Poor baby—she suffered so.

Later on, Em hit Bradford College,
First holiday home by the by,
She stayed with me, we mixed it up,
And drank the whole house dry.

I remember once when sister Em
Dyed her hair—then she spread the word,
She added a lightener—made it yellow,
She looked just like Big Bird.

And who can forget that Hen Night,
A limo to Tenby, so big.
Em was the shining star of all,
And most dashing in her curly pink wig.

All that changed at The Nelson,
A Milford pub where she’d get.
That’s when Matthew entered her life,
That’s the way they met.

This tall and gorgeous couple,
They never played it coy.
They’re truly, deeply, richly in love,
Sweetheart Em and her rugby boy.

They go for Chinese food,
They take long walks on the sand,
With Ruby, their beautiful black Labrador,
Very best dog in the land.

They’re busy at work as always,
Em a chartered surveyor trainee.
Matthew, a cleaning company salesman,
And doing quite well is he.

They love holidays and adventure,
The exotic makes them swoon.
For instance, here’s a fact:
They’re off to Cuba to honeymoon.

Em is just my star, you see,
All grown up with all her wits.
But she’ll be my little sis forever,
And you know? I just love her to bits.

Dear Children

Dear Lindsey,

My darling daughter, Lindsey,
And I are very close.
We share a love for shopping,
As everybody knows.

Last year, the day stands out,
July 29th, it was.
We were on a special mission,
And electricity was abuzz.

We had a baby shower to go to,
A little one would soon be in a cradle.
Meanwhile, our purpose was clear:
To buy a nice punch ladle.

We went to Target, Dillards, Walmart,
Bed, Bath & Beyond and more.
But we couldn’t find a ladle,
So we tried one other store.

“Mom, what about Marshall’s?”
That’s what Lindsey said.
We gave it one last chance,
Thank goodness that we tried.

While Lindsey sought the ladle,
A nice young man did catch my eye.
He was checking out dear Lindsey,
And he looked like a real good guy.

That guy, of course, was Cal,
And he knew Lindsey way back in early school.
Also, church youth groups and Baylor,
This coincidence was super cool.

Well, the kids, they got to talking,
While I was catching up with Cal’s mom, Chris.
One thing led to another,
On the way to wedded bliss.

A week later they met again,
Panera, Starbucks and hours of chat.
Later, Lindsey came home all dreamy,
What do you think of that?

She really was on old Cloud Nine,
And in her opinion she didn’t tarry.
She said, “Mom, I think he’s the one…
… the man I’m gonna marry.”

Lindsey was right all along,
I’ll never forget what she had to say,
On that sweet fateful July afternoon,
What a wonderful day.

“You never know what you’ll find,
In Marshall’s,” Lindsey said to me.
She sure was right about that store,
’Cause she found her husband-to-be.”

And just to close the loop,
From that day that was oh so fine,
A silver punch ladle for Lindsey and Cal,
Dated July 29.

From 2 very happy mothers,
To our kids who are truly the best.
Ladle out a lifetime of joy,
With a love that stands the test.

You’re wonderful and beautiful,
As boundless as the stars above.
With wishes for peace and health,
Go always with all our love.

Love, Jackie

© Poems to Go

It’s perfect, very touching, and I’m still crying. I hope I can hold it together on the day.

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