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Thank you to GW & Wade

Here’s to all the folks
At GW & Wade, for sure.
My 12 years as your receptionist
Have been loads of laughs galore.

I first heard about this job
From a friend of my cousin Gerry.
’Cuz happens to be on staff,
Busy working and making merry.

All these real bright lawyers,
Smart as smart can be.
They truly showed their smarts
The day they hired me!

I came from Peabody and Brown,
Some think I should have stayed.
Because on my fateful first phone call,
I answered: “Peabody & Wade!”

Adding insult to injury,
The caller was Mr. Wade, my boss.
Thank goodness I covered HIS name at least,
It was all a matter of course.

In my 12 years here,
I’ve seen life in every way.
Marriages, divorces, ups and downs,
An experience every day.

To get things done, I’ve done it,
Don’t know that it ever hurt.
But with the postman and guys from FedEx et al,
I’d cajole and wrangle and flirt.

I’ve hauled in milk by the gallon,
And Advil by the ton.
Cleaning out the fridge,
Was always special fun.

I’ve endured your commentary,
In every single way,
Starting with this classic:
“Maria, who dressed you today?”

Another jibe I’ve oft endured,
“Aren’t there any mirrors in Wellesley?” they’ll ask.
And a personal favorite was always
When they’d take my car to task.

Of Hattie, my lovely mini,
I’d hear: “Do you know where your hubcaps are?”
No matter, I say to all,
Hattie’s forever my shining star.

We’re really family here,
That’s the simple truth, I know.
And I have a few confessions to make,
Now, before I go.

About my British accent,
And my birth certificate of Mexican make?
I say to all of you right now,
Each one is a fake.

And my hubby, sweet Tim Rollo?
My life and love sensation?
Here’s the truth again:
He’s a figment of imagination.

So to all at Peabody & Wade,
All up and down the ranks,
You’re the best, I already miss you,
To all, my eternal thanks.

Sincerely, Maria

Dear friends

They say it couldn’t happen,
Even if you try.
Mike and Lisa married?
Sure… when pigs will fly.

When hell, it freezes over,
These holdouts will tie the knot.
Meanwhile, fact is fact,
And hitched is what we got!

Of course, it’s never easy,
And 2 weeks before the big date,
Our house was destroyed by flood,
Not exactly great.

No matter, we showed up,
And walked down that grand old aisle.
Balloons, like pigs, were flying,
Everywhere a smile!

We hope you had a marvelous time,
Laughter, warmth and love.
Just know that having you all there
Was bright as the sun above.

Our wedding was simply golden,
But it wasn’t just a wedding, for sure.
In fact, it was a reunion of dear family and friends,
And it left us with smiles galore.

Marriage, even at this late date,
Really is just fine.
But staying close with all you folks?
As pleasures go… sublime!

So thanks with all our heart,
From Lisa and Mike, you bet.
Having you at our wedding?
Better it just doesn’t get.

Let hell freeze over, by all means,
And pigs? They can surely soar.
With friends and family like you,
We couldn’t ask for more.

Love, Lisa and Mike

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You truly are a master poetess. Thank you so much, I’m eternally grateful.

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