Sympathy poems

To lose someone close is a painful and sad time, yet is a part of life for all of us. Sometimes, in acknowledging the loss of a friend or loved one, it’s hard to express all we feel and turn emotions into words. Whether at a prayer service, in a funeral home, or at the graveside, my sympathy poems serve as enduring tributes to the deceased.

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In Memory of Johnathan Horne

His name was Jonathan Horne,
And now what can one say,
About this wonderful young man,
Whom folks knew as JJ.

The army was his calling,
He served the very best.
Truly, a courageous leader,
Who withstood every test.

That Jonathan was a hero,
Is no surprise at all.
To those of us who knew him well,
He stood so very tall.

Devoted to his mum, Jane,
He idolized his “Bottygirl,” for sure.
As sons go, it’s a fact,
No parent could ask for more.

When he was but wee small,
Jane dressed him up as a bear.
BooBoo became his nickname,
He wore it with fun and flair.

He was a family man,
With Rachel, beloved wife.
Together, and for sure,
They made a love-filled life.

Their daughters are so special,
Frankie Jane, the oldest, nine.
And baby Jessica, just 3 months,
Two children, both divine.

He will live on through them,
Always, all their days.
And the rest of us will sweetly recall,
How Jonathan could amaze.

We’ll think on his smiling visage,
And his bright blonde hair.
A sense of humor to enliven,
A style extraordinaire.

He loved the gym, you know,
His muscles were mighty, you bet.
Strength was built in his character,
Stronger one just couldn’t get.

Jonathan and Rachel would walk,
Their shih tzus, Arnie and Daisy.
Ambling with those tiny dogs,
Would create a scene so crazy.

All the other army lads,
Had dogs of great size, you see.
The lads took mikey out of him,
But happy Jay would always be.

He loved the army so very much,
The lads were just great fun.
Drinking, eating, bowling,
The camaraderie was never done.

That he made the ultimate sacrifice
To try and save his mates,
Reaffirms Jonathan’s righteous spirit,
The strength of which is so great.

And so it is, it surely seems,
He was here to fulfill a role.
As the kindest, most thoughtful, funniest,
And in all ways… generous soul.

So, loving son and husband,
Dear father and trusty friend, too.
Jonathan, your memory will live forever,
In all we will ever do.

To a hero of the utmost,
A source of pride, enduring true.
Jonathan, in our heart of hearts,
Our inspiration, ongoing, is you.

Love, Mandy

Condolences for Eric

Dear Eric,

I hope the words I use today
Successfully express
The way I feel about you
And just why you were the best.

Michelle knew she had found true love
The moment that you kissed her,
I thank you for the warmth and joy
You brought to my darling sister.

A wonderful friend and brother-in-law,
You always made me proud,
Your electric smile and big brown eyes
Shining out in every crowd.

Putting other people first,
Considerate, kind and caring,
When I needed someone to count on,
With you there was no comparing.

With camping however, I do recall,
You’d occasionally try some guilt on,
I told you then and I’ll tell you again,
I only camp at The Hilton.

Weekends at Herfy’s and riding around
In your great big yellow Chevelle,
Laughter and times I’ll never forget,
Stories I’ll always re-tell.

Arms black with grease, head under a hood,
The thrill of an engine with power,
Skilled drivers’ chases in NASCAR races,
Gave you many a happy hour.

Being outdoors was something you loved,
Snowmobiling, hunting and fishing,
Enjoying the world as much as you could,
Getting on with life, doing—not wishing.

Some local children’s soccer teams
Can now only play half-hearted,
Missing the smiles and encouraging words,
Since their favorite coach departed.

Battling hard with an iron will,
To prove the doctors wrong,
You never flinched from the fight at hand,
Courageous, brave and strong.

Expressions of love are heard every day
And always a smile when they’re said,
Cherished the most is the one that we shared
Holding hands by your hospital bed.

Travis and Brittany, Brandon and Kayla,
Darrell, myself and Michelle,
Are sending all the love in our hearts
To Heaven’s newest angel.

Of all your beautiful qualities,
Your feelings, thoughts and emotion,
We’re grateful that we got to enjoy
Your wonderful warmth and devotion.

The love in my heart will always hold
The joy of your soul sublime,
I’ll remember you fondly every day,
And treasure you, safe from time.

One of life’s good guys, gentle and kind,
With a happiness almost mesmeric,
I will love and miss you always,
My darling brother-in-law Eric.

Missing you every day,

Your loving Sister-in-law, Barbra

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I really appreciate this poem. You said everything right. Thank you so much, my family and I were very pleased.

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