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Thank you from Earhart Teachers

Our wondrous volunteers,
Truly, bless you all.
Because of you, dear Earhart School
Is always standing tall.

We cover the spectrum here,
Go from K to 5.
And the efforts of you fabulous folks
Really make us come alive.

It’s not just what you do,
It’s that you do it ALL.
And anything you do…
Well… we have a ball.

Our day trips, just for instance,
Like when we made the scene,
At Eisenhower’s museum,
In good old Abilene.

Or on our camping trips,
Volunteers make it happen.
Without your wondrous presence,
We teachers would be snappin’.

It’s lots of work you do,
Your responsibility is supreme.
And best of all, we laugh a lot,
Life is but a dream.

Take Camp Aldrich, for instance,
All that basement fun.
Glow in the dark light-up balls,
Shining ever bright—like midnight suns.

Or how about Camp Alabaster?
That Rim Hike draws real raves.
Old Growth Forest, Boiling Springs,
And, naturally, those bat caves.

All because of you,
Our volunteers so great,
Time and time again,
You step up… so first rate.

Volunteers for Prize Patrol,
Helping young scholars to read.
Building minds so beautifully,
With efficiency and great speed.

Visiting class and schooling kids,
On subjects truly great.
Like teaching them chess, what a game.
A total, pure checkmate.

Volunteers at breakfast,
Standing on the firmest legs.
Cooking up bacon and pancakes,
And delectable scrambled eggs.

And volunteers extraordinaire,
In our un-air-conditioned school.
Bringing iced towels on the hottest days,
Comforting the kids? So cool.

I just can’t thank you folks enough,
“Volunteer” is synonymous with great.
But if you think I’m done with the praise,
I beseech you all… just wait.

I cite those classic words,
Of you volunteers, Margaret Mead rings true.
Her quote means the world to all of us,
Especially because of you.

Listen to those words now,
You volunteers so bright.
They come with tons of gratitude,
For making all so right:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Love, Earhart Teachers

Congratulations CWA

The California Workforce Association,
Our good old CWA,
A non-profit organization
That toils to save the day.

Thanks to Governor Ahnuhld,
Funding is an issue not.
Because when it comes to money,
We just… well… we ain’t got.

The work environment is intriguing
You can take THAT to the bank.
And take our lovely campers, too,
Who seldom give a thank.

Our software is outdated,
Our computers old as the hills.
Our copiers lack fresh toner,
It’s every minute thrills.

We have a credo that truly
Gets us through this mess.
It comes straight from Sacramento,
It’s “Just do more for less.”

I ask you, is it possible?
Do more with less, is fun.
But what do you do when less
Turns out to really be “none?”

Another brilliant credo,
That makes my arteries burst,
Is this wondrous jingle,
You ready? Business first.

Putting business first
Means getting job orders now.
If I hear it one more time,
I swear I’ll have a cow.

We always search for grants,
I think my head will pop.
It’s all a part of life
In our little one stop shop.

The customers rely on us,
Find us jobs, they say.
We’ll do anything at all,
If it’s for the right pay.

We do their resumes,
We fill out their apps, make their bids.
For God’s sake, at time we even
Babysit their kids.

And while we do it all,
By phone, by foot, by faxes
They wonder why we’re not
Doing more with their hard paid taxes.

Of course, the truth be told,
No taxes do they pay.
’Cause last I looked these campers
Didn’t do any work today.

That’s life in our fast lane,
You always take your chance.
At least we have our fun,
We have our orange sweater dance.

So dance your hearts out kids,
Don’t get down from all the slobs.
They’ll be back another day,
Demanding the very best jobs.

Special thanks to John Baker,
Who planned this conference, every day.
And to Virginia Hamilton,
Executive Director of CWA.

Finally, Andrea Baker,
Chair of the Program and Training Committee is she.
I ask you all in earnest,
Without her, where would we be?

© Poems to Go

I really like it. The poem is perfect. I can't wait to share it with my colleagues. You did a marvellous job, and exceeded my expectations for the second time.

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