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Retirement means all kinds of important things. It’s one of life’s true rites of passage; with exciting and impactful endings as well as new beginnings. Make the most of this big event with an emotional and fun, retirement poem which makes a perfect and forever keepsake for a dad, colleague, or good friend.

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Happy retirement Jack

He’s a most UNretiring guy,
And that is just for sure.
But now he’s off to greener pastures,
Our very own Jack McClure.

He worked for Merck a long, long time,
Since 1999, you know.
A whirlwind of energy and lots of smarts,
He’s always on the go.

Married to lovely Karen,
Five grown kids between these two.
He’s into salsa, the dance, not the dip,
And ballroom dance he’ll do.

Jack’s a vegetarian,
And his guns are out of sight.
He’ll talk politics forever,
And his views? They’re strictly right.

He loves dogs and swimming and jazz,
And computers are extraordinaire.
Just don’t get him started
On this subject: Obamacare.

He’s a Texan through and through,
This guy’s home on the range.
He sure as hell has no use
For that stupid “hope and change.”

He’s fit and youthful, always,
A great physique, and really tall.
He hates America’s swelling debt,
And he likes his government small.

He’s a poster child for Woodstock,
Probably used lots of drugs, pray tell.
But now, instead of consuming them,
He made it big with drugs to sell.

He’s funny, kind and generous,
Promptly known as “early Jack.”
He’s the greatest guy with lots of friends,
Give you the shirt right off his back.

He does everything with passion,
And he sure does love to talk.
He’s a consummate straight shooter,
And he really walks the walk.

Anne Marie regrets it:
Almost every single chance,
That she Jack have never,
Gotten up to salsa dance.

Susan is in awe of Jack,
The earliest guy alive.
Who’s always up for breakfast meetings
At the crack of 6:45.

Nichole notes how Jack’ll always
Talk politics in every way.
He’s a libertarian and proud of it,
And he loves the USA.

For Suzanne, he’s sure her “go to guy,”
In a most responsive zone.
He has answers for all her questions,
And he always answers his phone.

Dawn and Jack go way, way back,
To 1999.
He’s SO computer literate,
And he thinks iPads and phones are fine.

He walks so fast, you know,
Dawn has to run to keep the pace.
At swimming and at dancing,
He’s the master of his place.

Bryan always admires it,
Jack’s kind and cheerful way.
And his quick and funny, rapier wit,
Brings joy to every day.

Cindy knows not a soul,
As giving as this guy.
He has a million interests,
But he’s grounded—he hates to fly.<

Loc, Mike and Craig as well, you know,
Send Jack best wishes for sure.
All of District 42,
Sends their best forevermore.

So Jack, just know we’ll miss you,
Without fanfare or a fuss.
Have a marvelous retirement
, With love and laughs… from all of us.

Best wishes, District 42

Caroline’s Retirement

Yes, it’s time to go,
Moving on, back to school.
For a Masters in Counseling,
Education is the rule.

I came to work at UVA
28 years ago.
Department of Neurosurgery,
But that, I guess, you know.

I worked as secretary
To our own dear Dr. Winn.
Dr. Jane was Department Chair,
I had to be sharp as a pin.

I’ll never forget the time
I was in a sort of tizzy.
Dr. Winn asked for everything at once.
I answered: “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

My words, they spread like wildfire,
I guess it was a gaffe.
For years after, for all of us,
It was always good for a laugh.

Meanwhile, Dr. Winn took off,
A brand new job did beckon.
But Dr. Jane told me: “Hey, stay on.”
It was really great, I reckon.

I worked for Dr. Jane for 23 years,
And he really is so great.
Kind, polite and even-tempered,
And as a surgeon, of course, first rate.

Chairman here for 40 years plus,
He trained 55 neurosurgeons or more.
An inspiration to everyone,
Just what a leader is for.

His influence on me,
Has always meant so much.
Considering all he’s done,
My heart, he will always touch.

He encouraged me big time,
“Finish college,” he said.
I followed his sage advice,
My chance to get ahead.

Once in 1994,
I took a bad fall on the ice.
Wound up with a hip hematoma,
Believe me, it wasn’t nice.

I could have lost that hip,
But Dr. Jane saved the day.
He removed the hematoma,
Fixed me up in every way.

A wonderful man with a wonderful life,
Married to Noella for 47 years.
Has 3 great daughters and our own Dr. John, Jr.
They’re truly a family of dears.

Dr. Jane, you’ve been so great,
You mean the world to me in all ways.
From my heart, sincerely,
Your kindness can truly amaze.

I’ll never forget this place,
The feeling is deep and true.
The greatest time in my whole life,
Was being here… and being with all of you.

Love, Caroline

© Poems to Go

The only word which comes to mind is “brilliant.” What a poem, it captures Jack so well and I know it will bring tears to his eyes when it is read to him.

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