Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah poems

The bar mitzvah is a joyous occasion and our fabulous and original bar mitzvah poems are always a big hit with family and friends. We’ll give you heartfelt bar mitzvah speeches from parents to a son or daughter. Our bar mitzvah candle lighting poems make for lots of laughter and joyous memories. They add a heartwarming touch to any bar mitzvah celebration, including stanzas for everyone called to light a candle.

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Candle lighting Poem for Jacob

Today, I am a man,
That’s the customary way,
For a guy like me,
On my bar mitzvah day.

It has all been so much fun,
I mean it, honor bright.
And now, the very best part;
A celebration—by candle light.

With all my heart, a candle,
For those most special to me.
It’s a sparkling way to acknowledge,
My thanks to all, you see?

So if I call your name,
Please join me, making light.
The candles, warm and glistening,
Really do it right.

First candle’s in loving memory
Of Minna, Great-Great Grandmother.
"Nanny’s" what they called her,
She was unlike any other.

She owned a business of her own,
An independent woman, so true.
Hard working and successful
At most everything she’d do.

So Nanny, this is yours,
In memory that will forever shine.
Candle one for great great Minna,
With a love that’s just divine.

Another memory candle,
For Great Grandparents Blanche and Max.
And Great Grandparents Adele and Bob,
The very best, these are the facts.

Great Grandpa Bob, you see,
Drove his Lincoln everywhere.
And managed his greeting card business
With function, flash and flair.

He and Great Grandma Adele,
Loved to travel, sure.
We’ll think of them with lots of love,
And that’s forever more.

Great Grandpa Max and Great Grandma Blanche,
From Poland to America they’d go.
The Blank faction of the family,
And how we love ’em so.

In honor and in memory,
With love forever bright.
For all four, candle two,
A warm and shining light.

Nana calls me “Smooby,”
There’s really no one finer.
She takes me all the time,
I mean to Gus’s Diner.

Her “kissing storms” are famous,
Her brownies are the best.
In every way, my nana
Always stands the test.

Golfing with Nana and Poppy,
Is so much fun, you see?
So Nana, dear, with all my love,
Please come light candle three.

Poppy’s into sports bigtime,
Of golf and tennis, he knows so much.
When he sings, I laugh a lot,
My heart he’ll always touch.

He and Nana go to Florida,
Every winter, so warm yet cool.
When we visit there I really
Love swimming in their pool.

Poppy is the best, you know,
We talk sports galore.
With all my love, I ask you, Poppy,
Come… let’s light candle four.

Grandma Shirley was a school librarian,
And she’s a reader extraordinaire.
She knows the best Florida restaurants,
And she picks them all with flair.

Our stays with her in Florida,
Are the very best, you see.
Come on up, Grandma Shirley,
Candle five’s for you and me.

Grandpa Shelly knows his stuff,
He’s seldom out of sorts.
Argues most persuasively,
When it comes to sports.

A one-time history teacher,
He’ll gladly debate with all his heart.
Come on up, Grandpa Shelly,
Candle six—let’s do our part.

I really love it so very much,
At Aunt Valerie’s and Uncle Chett’s.
So gripping, always, to watch with you,
Another loss by the football Jets.

It’s great to live so close by,
Because visits are such fun, true.
And Uncle Chett, the family comedian,
Creates laughs whatever he’ll do.

He’s got his kitchen organized,
To a proverbial tee.
Aunt Valerie, Uncle Chett, come on,
Candle seven… for all to see.

Here’s to Zach and Chloe,
They’re the best, you see.
Playing Xbox and Fortnite together,
Is lots of fun for Zach and me.

Chloe at 8, growing up fast,
“Hide and Go Seek” is great.
So come on, Zach and Chloe,
Let’s light it… candle eight.

Aunt Robin teaches high school,
English is her thing.
Reading is a pleasure;
It makes her heart just ring.

Uncle Steve is into sports,
Games really keep him hopping.
Otherwise he gets his kicks
When he goes food shopping.

Aunt Robin and Uncle Steve,
Both are truly fine.
Come on up and join me now,
And we’ll light candle nine.

Cousin Hannah, at 13,
Does her thing on skates… on ice.
She’s a Grade-A student, that’s for sure,
And her iPhone is quite nice.

Justin is 11,
Computer games fill him up in great part.
He loves electronics, oh, and yes,
His drawings are real art.

How true it is, that I wish
I could see you two more.
So come on up, light candle ten.
What are great cousins for?

Matthew’s my big brother,
I look up to him, it’s true.
And not just because he’s taller,
Because of all the great things he’ll do.

We play video games together,
And go at B-ball, one-on-one.
Whatever we do together,
It’s always lots of fun.

So big bro Matthew, what do you say,
A candle just for brothers is neat.
Candle eleven is Matthew’s and mine;
He’s a brother who can’t be beat.

I’m really a lucky guy,
Having so many fabulous friends.
From school and, yes, from camp,
The good times have no ends.

Playing Fortnite and other video games,
Basketball or just hanging out.
It’s great to have the greatest friends,
Of that there is no doubt.

So all you pals of mine,
From school or camp or anywhere.
Candle twelve… it’s for my friends,
And it’s this: extraordinaire.

Candle thirteen’s next,
And it’s the most special one.
Just for Mom and Dad and me,
I love ’em both a ton.

Mom’s always there to help,
With homework, such a dear.
And best of all, like no one else,
She’ll always lend an ear.

She’s the Queen of our home, for sure,
And that goes as well for the car.
She drives me wherever I need to go,
Whether it’s near or far.

Dad’s a guidance counselor,
He works real hard for us.
Giving us all we need,
And never with a fuss.

He’s a master of the barbeque,
Good taste he’ll always instill.
You know it’s just delicious,
If it comes off my Dad’s grill.

I thank you both so much,
For all the things you do.
In all the ways that count the most,
I’m just so grateful for you.

So Mom and Dad, please come,
With thanks and all my love.
Let’s light candle thirteen,
And make it sparkle like stars above.

To everyone, I thank you,
For sharing this great day.
It’s wonderful to have you here,
What else can I say?

I’ll light it, the last candle,
For one and all right here,
Just let me add one thing,
I’ll make it short and clear.

The only way my bar mitzvah,
Could be even better, it’s true,
Is sharing every part of it,
With every one of you.

Love, Jacob

Mazel Tov Jake

It’s Jake’s bar mitzvah day,
How proud of him we are.
Jake in every way,
You are our shining star.

Mom and Dad and Sam,
Even Max, our doggie too,
We just can’t say enough
For all the things you do.

Today you are a man, Jake,
That’s what Jewish law’s about.
A bar mitzvah is one’s arrival,
From boy to man, no doubt.

But fact is this, for sure,
Jake, you’ve been so great,
From the very start
You simply are first rate.

Witty all the time,
With humor that’s so swell.
And tall for your age, forever,
The gentle giant, all is well.

You have so many friends,
A good time is had by all.
Summers up at KenMont,
Where you always have a ball.

Listening to your hip hop,
On your iPod touch.
Feasting on pizza and burgers,
And Mexican… you love so much.

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My husband and I love the poem. It couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion. I get weepy reading it. Thanks for making one of our obligations that evening so much easier.

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