90th birthday poems

Reaching one’s 90th year is a noteworthy and precious achievement, a marvelous milestone. Perhaps you have a parent, a grandparent, a friend or a spouse who’s reaching this wonderful age? Get the celebration going with an original 90th birthday poem. We’ll send your love with laughter, tenderness, and with details you give us when you place your order.

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To my sweet Aunt Mackie

Dear Aunt Mackie,

I can’t believe I’m standing here
To honor you this way
90 years all filled with memories
We celebrate today

It seems impossible to summarize
How much you mean to me
I’ve been privileged to hear life lessons and tales
You’ve learned over this century

You’re known as physically stunning
Yet we can count on you to be kind
And in your own special way
We know you will always speak your mind

My aunt is quite a talent
She did try to teach us all to fish
Now it’s knitting and needlepoint art
To have these skills when I’m 90—I wish.

For those who’ve seen her gardening skills
Do you know of her African Violet plant?
Maintaining a garden full of orchids and roses
Was always a passion for my aunt

We all consider you a loyal friend
Always giving good advice
When someone really needs a helping hand
They never have to ask you twice

As a dedicated volunteer at Evanston Hospital
She selflessly offered her time
In her youth she worked as a bridal buyer
Does Bonwit Teller come to mind?

All work and no play is not for us
On Saturdays we have our fun
When I need a partner for shopping and lunch
Of course you’re my number one

Our luncheon visits with Rollie and Dad
Those Saturday were always a treat
We could count on the menu every time
Homemade cookies and pop-overs we’d eat

Who else could I trust when I’m feeling sick
To make sure that I’m well fed
Instead of making me eat that hospital food
You brought homemade meals right to my bed

This is one example of unconditional care
I’m sure Robert will agree
Removing toys from the cupboard so Robert could hide
She doesn’t mind getting messy

If you asked a group of 50 year olds
To chat and surf online
I can guarantee that the majority of this group
Would have an extremely difficult time

Yet at 90 years old you can find my aunt
On the computer typing away
Sending e-mails to her friends and family
She stays up-to-date this way

We’re happy that everyone could join us today
To have a good time and celebrate
In just two weeks from now she’s officially 90
Make sure you all remember September 8.

Not only do I see you as my aunt
But you’re also like a mother to me
Let us raise our glasses and make a toast
Happy 90th birthday, love you always Aunt Mackie.

Love, Ellyn

Dear birthday wishes for Ruth

What a grand occasion,
90 marvelous years,
Mom, Grandma, Great Grammy,
The one and only Ruth Mears.

Unique in every way,
A character supreme,
Meemaw’s pies and cakes are exquisite,
Tasting like a forever dream.

Her cherry pie’s a classic,
We all love it to bits.
Even when she forgets one thing:
Taking out the pits.

In meting out punishments, Grammy
Is never one to lackie.
Who can ever forget
How she dealt with good ol’ Blackie?

That’s Blackie the Lab, of course,
Who once killed Ruth’s chickens, 21.
She sure taught that dog a lesson
Before it all was done.

She tied Blackie to a log chain,
Tied a dead chicken to it, too.
Blackie ate the chicken,
Before his penance was through.

Mom’s always for the family,
With great support in all the ways.
She’s there for us through good and bad,
With spirit to lift and to amaze.

Her family dinners are delectable,
And after we all eat,
The euchre game would follow,
A real postprandial treat.

Still has friends from childhood,
Her “buddy connections” are the best.
She’s a “key player” at the church,
Where her efforts stand every test.

She’s a marvel at church dinners,
Works for days to get it done.
A legend at canning her “church pickles,”
Which she produces by the ton.

When she was 87,
She created a real sensation,
Painting the church’s baseboards,
As part of a holy renovation.

A nurse for 42 years,
Offering comfort and succor to all,
Her “board stiff” starched up nursing cap
Was her Toledo Hospital curtain call.

She’s the angel of free shots,
Great care and smart advice.
For any kind of ailment,
Aspergum and Coricidin are nice.

Her surgical expertise
Can make any medico just swoon.
Restoring to robust health
Dear “Chirpy Bird” and “Rocky Raccoon.”

Always spirited and helpful,
As the community talks,
She’s a legendary figure
At the Pittsburgh “Cure Search” Walks.

She’s our family historian,
Our web weaver and plotter, too.
Her videography of family events,
It’s just part of what she’ll do.

She’s long a road trip maven,
One of the all-time greats.
Her well-traveled goal with Dad,
Was to visit all 50 states.

She always packed the camper,
She got it done for sure.
On the road or anywhere,
Mom’s just greatness galore.

Loves her country with all her heart,
A patriotic sensation.
Pride in all our veterans,
She IS the greatest generation.

Knitting lap Afghans for Veterans’ homes,
She’s the best, you bet.
Not a dry eye in the place,
When she hand-delivered one to a disabled vet.

She’s proud as proud can be,
Of Roger Durbin, her dear friend.
And the National World War II Memorial,
For which her efforts didn’t end.

At the groundbreaking dedication,
At the National Mall in DC,
Beaming in VIP seats,
That’s where Mom and Dad would be.

Her accomplishments all through life,
Really can inspire.
Her efforts at building a life
Helped to bring her even higher.

Our “post-World War II” farm girl,
To finance nursing school,
Sold a litter of piglets,
Is our Meemaw not forever cool?

Filled with heart and ambition,
Industrious to a tee.
A master gardener through the years,
A great provider she’d always be.

Her produce filled our freezers and shelves,
With apples, pears and beans.
Her cherries and tomatoes,
Are the stuff of delicious dreams.

Her “Uncle Troi’s” spaghetti sauce,
Her strawberries and sweet corn,
Exquisite to the taste,
Just perfect to the manner born.

She picked and canned and shucked,
And we kids sold for the county fair.
The spending money we made from it
Was truly extraordinaire.

She knitted so much over the years,
Sweaters and scarves for all of us,
Producing booties, mittens, hats and more,
With never a scintilla of fuss.

A “Ruth Mears Textured Match Set,”
On Christmas or a birthday,
Brought endless joy and warmth,
In every wonderful way.

Her personalized Christmas stockings,
For every family member,
Added much to our annual festival,
Each glorious December.

Always sought to learn,
Her thirst for knowledge is famous, so.
It’s generally acknowledged,
She’s “the smartest person we know.”

Reading all the time,
Books on subjects A-to-Z,
For info on wise investing,
Mom’s always the one to see.

She’s a maven of smart words,
Her “Ruthisms” are the stuff of lore.
“Wendy Burgers” are so good,
Life’s just “Dewlicious,” for sure.

She’ll never resist a dollar store,
Of that there is no doubt.
“Let’s go in and see,” she’d say,
“What we just can’t live without.”

To the great senseless set among us,
She’d always have a cow,
Responding to their inanity
With a strident “Oh, come on now.”

After a visit with Grandma,
She’ll give you brown bag with your name.
Filled with “treasures and artifacts,”
And forever memories just the same.

She even created her own
Set of custom Ruth abbreviations.
To read her letters takes a decipher ring,
That goes sans deviations.

She’s famous for driving the front wheels
Right off the tractor, so sad.
Just what in the world did she say
To explain it to dear Dad?

Her fish tales of Potato Creek,
And Palmer Lake, you know,
With fish lines cast “precariously,”
God, we love her so.

From hams sliding on the floors,
To those pits in her birthday pies,
Our Mom, our Grammy, our Grand Meemaw
Is a wonder to all hearts and eyes.

We still don’t know the truth,
About her “prize tomato plant,”
And how it ended in Dad’s garden,
Leading him to rant…

… About “his” big tomatoes,
He’d brag on it without an end.
To anybody around,
Including stranger or a friend.

Just one more adventure to note,
In her wondrous life to date,
The classic “Caravan Cabin Trip,”
Oh, this one is SO great.

The “girls” had a flat tire,
Stranded right on the roadside
. The “boys” just breezing by,
How could this abide?

The fellas went miles and miles,
Before the gals they’d start to miss.
They finally turned and headed back,
Such is road love… and bliss.

‘Course, these are just a few glimpses
Of Ruth Mears and her wonderful life.
The world’s best Mom and Grandma,
Great Meemaw, super wife.

Her grand adventure goes on and on,
90 years counting and many more.
Mom, Grandma dearest,
Our devotion to you is ever sure.

A life of so many achievements,
So many joys and warmest ways.
For all you do and all you are,
You endlessly amaze.

So on your 90th birthday,
Shine like all the stars above.
Have many more years to enjoy it all,
With all our thanks and all our love.

© Poems to Go

Dear Amy, Just received your poem and it is beautiful. In fact, I could hardly read through it without “welling up” A fabulous job, Thank you so much.

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