50th anniversary poems

They call it the Golden Anniversary for a reason. A 50th Wedding Anniversary is truly a precious milestone, one that demands an artful acknowledgement by all. For your spouse, parents, or grandparents, a 50th Anniversary Poem is an exquisite way to celebrate a half-century of life and love together. You provide the details and we’ll craft an original poem which honors a happy couple.

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Congratulations Bill and Maureen

Here’s to Mom and Dad,
A couple oh so nifty.
Bill and Maureen… amazing,
It’s your anniversary… number fifty.

Yes indeed, half a century plus,
It can bring us to joyous tears.
That wonderful bit of sweet kismet
From a meeting right at Sears.

Dad was in Customer Service there,
Mom was part-time, on the selling floor.
They met and cupid’s arrow flew,
It was truest love… galore.

Thus they sowed the seeds,
This couple of faith and heart.
She was 18, he 24,
When married life they would start.

They nurtured seeds as well,
In rapid time, it’s true.
They did what loving newlyweds,
Often want to do.

Four great kids would come along,
Cathy was number one.
Then Teri, Bill and baby Mari,
It was all just so much fun.

As parents, they’ve been wonderful,
Truly among the best.
With love, devotion and spirit,
That stand up to every life test.

They raised us all in faith,
To make a difference, and always give back.
Making life a joyous experience,
And keeping us forever on track.

In truth, they’re always there for us,
Despite all odds or ways.
With love, devotion and faith in God,
That can inspire and surely amaze.

Above all else is this,
They truly persevere.
Never giving up on family and values,
Of this, they’re perfectly clear.

They give and give, then give some more,
For sure, loving God and life.
A pair of wonders, that they are,
This dear husband and darling wife.

Even in retirement,
Giving back is always their way.
Dad’s a proud member of CASA,
And St. Vincent De Paul makes his day.

Mom is busy likewise,
At St. Vincent De Paul.
And as Woman of the Year in church,
She’s truly standing tall.

Now they’re reaping the harvest,
And it’s such a joy to see,
This marvelous, loving couple,
For whom, so thankful are we.

At the heart of that fruitful harvest,
One of the greatest joys alive,
For them, their loving grandkids,
Who wonderfully number five.

They’re Matt and Mike and Katelyn,
Alex and Brian as well.
Loving—and loved by—their grandparents,
As is truly, deeply swell.

Through all the faith forever,
Humor is front and center, too.
The laughs, the fun we’ve had,
In all we say and do.

Our annual Florida family vacations,
Invariably such wonderful fun,
All the magic moments and memories,
Under that beaming sun.

And what about new adventures,
Do we dare to tell?
Just think of ol’ Crane Lake,
And one single word: Isabelle.

So mom and dad, you really are,
Warm and bright as that sun above.
With thanks, with joy, with eternal faith,
All our golden anniversary love.

Happy 50th Golden Anniversary.

Love, Cathy, Teri, Bill, Mari

Happy Anniversary Andy and Joan

Happy Fiftieth anniversary,
Dearest Mom and Dad,
This day is just the greatest,
And we’re all so very glad.

How wonderful, dear parents,
Or if you prefer, Andy and Joan,
Think back on 50 years
And all the joy you’ve sown.

From the first in West Virginia
College back in Wheeling
Dad a Bio major
And mom was dental dealing.

They married on May 28th,
The year was ’55.
Their home was Pennsylvania
And their marriage? How it thrived.

Back in those sweet days
Mom liked to keep it real.
No gourmet, dear Mom,
Served waffles at every meal.

A move to Virginia Beach,
Then Tampa in the sun.
That’s where Mark Andrew was born
Life was grand—and fun.

The good times, they continued,
On to Jacksonville.
Patricia Lorene was born there,
A full family—what a thrill.

They’ve lived right here in Empire Point
For 26 great years.
Much happiness abounds
For these 2 special dears.

And now they have a new one,
Granddaughter Jordan Sally,
Born to Mark and Susan,
She adds to the family love tally.

Meanwhile Dad’s a classic,
Telling jokes, “groaners,” to Mom.
She’s heard ’em all in 50 years,
How can she stay so calm?

Dad’s also been a boy scout
For 60 years, it seems.
Ask him ’bout the scouts,
And how this ol’ boy beams.

He’s an “Old Indian Guide,”
And there’s no one ever sounder.
Barehanded in the Steinhatchee
He once snagged a flounder.

Meanwhile Mom is into church,
She’s on the Board of Trustees.
A zephyr of activity,
She does just as she’d please.

She’s into Meals on Wheels,
She works out all the time,
Her movement is like poetry
With lots of rhythm and rhyme.

Mom’s also into crabbing,
She’s the best at it, you bet.
Only problem for dear mom?
She boils crabs right in the nets.

’Course Dad is more inert,
Hey, haven’t you all heard?
He swears turtles live longer
Than any ol’ hummingbird.

And over all those years
The folks had many pets.
Weegie was the Wonder Dog
About as good as pooches gets.

Then we had dear Bubby
That’s Mark’s name—from his lips.
Frisky’s downfall? Mark’s driving,
And Pippi was the pips.

Then Katie, trained so well,
The best in Empire Point.
All the other dogs
Had wet noses out of joint.

The years went by so sweet,
Any way you look.
Even Mom, the Waffle Queen,
Well, she really learned to cook.

And now we mark their 50th,
All those years as one.
Dear Mom and Dad, you’re wonderful,
Thanks for so much fun.

Our wish for you is happiness,
Good health for all your days,
With lots of love and gratitude
We thank you in all kinds of ways.

With love from your whole family.

© Poems to Go

My husband and I love the poem. It couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion. I get weepy reading it. Thanks for making one of our obligations that evening so much easier.

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