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I was writing greeting cards for a company online and I loved it. However I wanted to make a more personal service, so I started Poems to Go, where I and some freelancers write original poems, speeches and toasts for all occasions. Since then, building a mutually satisfying relationship with my customers has been wonderful.

There’s another, very personal reason, why Poems to Go means so much to me. It keeps me close to my father, a creative, dynamic, loving, and wonderful man who worked hard and made a success from everything in his life. I was twelve years old when he was taken from us—the victim of a plane crash—and somehow Poems to Go is my way of emulating his dedication, passion, and love for people.

Nothing we make is “off the peg,” and every poem, speech, and toast is original and based on the specific information you give us. How does this work? When you buy from us, we’ll send you our special questionnaire. Answer these questions and return it to us. We’ll then write a unique poem, speech, or toast.

If you have any questions about our service, call me on 508-330-0028. I can’t wait to help make your occasion unforgettable.

Amy, thank you so much for the fast turnaround on the poem, it’s amazing! I can’t wait for Bob and Cindy to read it. I know they will love your work as much as I do.

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Dear Amy, I wanted to let you know the Poem for the Jett-Phillips Grand Family (Eastern Star) was a huge success. The group was touched by the composition of the words and the originality. I just know the poem will be a treasured tribute for all 19 members of our group for many years to come.

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