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Offer Comfort to the Bereaved with a Sympathy Poem

At some funerals, people feel at a loss for words. That's completely understandable as they are going through so much grief. Let me assist by writing an original and appropriate sympathy verse for you.

My poems are 15 stanzas in length, just about a minute spoken. Here's a sympathy poem I created for Sam. He asked me to create something special he could recite at the eulogy of his Mother. Dear Amy, he said, "What a beautiful and fine poem this is. You really showed what a fine person my Mother was. I know she would be pleased."

From the loss of a mother or father or even a sympathy poem for your pet, I will be glad to write something touching for you.

Follow Sam's lead and kindly place your order here or click the Order Now button at the top of this page.

Upon receipt of your order, you will receive my sympathy questionnaire in your email box. Kindly fill this out as thoroughly as you can and then email back to me. From your information, I will create a loving poem for you.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Sample Words of Condolence

Sadie Cohen, Mom,
Most incredible gal alive,
How we mourn your passing
At the age of ninety-five.

Yes, we mourn you Sadie,
But your life was truly great.
In all the ways that counted,
Sadie, you were always just first rate.

An immigrant from Poland,
Sadie, Director in the US of A.
A little girl, in 1920,
Passing Ellis Island way.

You made your way to Portland
And in 1933,
You married Ben Cohen,
Starting a life of harmony.

You worked at Kaplan Furniture,
Keeping books and working steady.
When it came time to start a family,
You and Ben sure were ready.

You had two kids, two daughters,
Ceila and Karen they are.
And two sons-in-law, Mike and Marty,
To all of whom you were a star.

Through the years, the family grew,
Grandchildren, six, were great.
Carol, with twins on the way,
Would bring the total up to eight.

We wish you'd be here to greet them,
Two new babies in the family fold.
We'll miss you when they're born,
Let the truth be told.

Mom, you were always a beauty,
Always dressed up to the nines.
A model for "Gould's" clothes,
Forever looking fine.

And your love of sport was legend,
U. of Oregon's biggest fan.
Ernie Kent and Rich Brooks were
Your heroes to a man.

Bridge was always a joy,
To play it you'd go faster.
Sometimes eight full hours a day,
You were a true life master.

And while you once stood five-foot-two,
Down to four-foot-eight, no harm.
You were always just a beauty
With true exquisite charm.

Now you've joined your beloved,
Husband Ben of all those years.
We have one more thing to say,
One point to make so clear.

Sadie, Mom, Grandma,
Just know how special you were.
Raised above the minions,
More than any other him or her.

We miss you so and tell you,
The world has changed to the letter.
We love you very much, dear girl,
With you here, all was better.



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