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Is your best friend about to walk down the aisle and become a bride? Are you stuck about what to say? Let us help you. We'll write a beautiful wedding poem for you.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Wedding Poem, An Example

Dearest Janet, my best friend,
Through days of sun and rain,
Now you’re getting married
You dear flower of old Ukraine.

Such a sweetie, such a doll,
How much for you I care.
Of course, you are a beauty, too,
With that mane of dark silky hair.

You found your soul mate, dear Eugene,
In Biology class, that so?
From ninth grade on you’ve been like one,
That’s how this life does go.

He’s tall, a jock, a soccer king,
From those days at Lincoln High,
Now he’s your fiancée,
A prince this one, your guy.

Janet, you’re the best,
With an imagination that won’t quit,
This wedding is your brainchild
And it’s surely a smash it.

You’ve always been so buttoned up,
A detail maven, a star,
So caring for all your friends,
Super protective is what you are.

Of that I know it first hand,
And hey, you sure are great.
The guys all know to go to YOU
To ask ME for a date!

I think of all the times
When we traveled ‘round the world.
LA, New York, Vegas, Spain,
And how the fun unfurled.

Like that night at hot Ibiza,
We were so far from home.
What a crazy time it was,
Then at 6am? The foam!

I think of your propensity
To shop just as you choose.
If anybody doubts me
You’ve got, what, 60 pair of shoes?

At Loehmann’s you’re an animal,
That’s your way without fail.
May I refresh your memory?
Italian designer sample sale?

Now you’re getting married,
Queen bee upon the scene.
So happy and I don’t blame you,
After all, you’ve got Eugene.

And how great is it, Janet?
Bright and shiny as a super nova,
That here in grand attendance…
Your beloved Aunt Mila and Uncle Vova!

We’re all so glad to be here,
To share the wondrous joy,
Of a glorious loving union
Between my favorite girl and her boy.

So from your Maid of Honor,
Who’s also your dearest friend,
My wishes for health and happiness,
And love that will never end.

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