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Wedding Speech Example

For a "Cinderella Moment", express how much you love the bride and groom by giving a professionally-prepared and totally personalized wedding speech.

Delivered by the father of the bride, or a maid of honor, a wedding speech can convey all the emotion, the good wishes, the humor and the personalized flavor that the occasion warrants.
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Dear Amy, "I searched all over for a wonderful wedding speech..so glad to have found your site! This is excellent! It describes my sister and our relationship perfectly. I'm thrilled!"

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Wedding Speech Example

When my little sister Julia asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I was really overjoyed. Besides, she owed me. When we were little kids, we always had roller skating birthday parties, and when it was my birthday I would invariably choose Julia when I went in The Big Skate. When it was her birthday? Julia the socialite would always pick one of her friends over me. So as I see it, I'm finally getting selected for a major role by my sister. I couldn't be happier as a result.

I'm four years older than Julia and so I have a pretty good recollection of everything that went on in her life, what she was like as a little girl, and how she grew up to become the woman she is today.

I'll tell you right off the bat, even as a little kid, Julia was strong willed and strong minded. She was really into doing her own thing, just like that kid on Sesame Street. She might not have always gotten her way, but she always got her point across. Like when our Dad would go out rabbit hunting and Julia really didn't like it. She felt bad for the rabbits. So, she came up with an idea to keep him from using the cage in which he collected his rabbits. One morning, when he was ready to go hunting, he went to pick up his cage -- and there was little Julia, sitting inside it. Talk about a conscientious objector!

Julia and I have been arch competitors our whole lives. We competed for Halloween candy, at Easter egg hunts, vied for who would ride shotgun in the car. I guess we tried to beat each other to the punch at just about every aspect of life.

I'll say this for my sister. She's by far the most pragmatic person I know, and her logical perspective is really golden. I'd have to say, and I say it with much love and respect, Julia is my "go to" person when I need solid advice. It's just great to have a sister like Julia. One who we all used to refer to as "the fave," because she excelled at everything she ever did. In fact, she was perfection in motion in so many marvelous ways.

Julia went to the University of Cincinnati, an ok school in its own right, and almost as good as MY alma mater, Ohio State. Typical of Julia, she was always a fantastic student, straight A's in fact -- and in chemical engineering, yet! She graduated at the top of her class. She found college to her liking in every way. And most important, she found Michael in college! Michael was an engineering student, too, and they met up during senior year. What a couple…talk about brain power!

Now, Julia is working as a chemical engineer for Procter & Gamble in St. Louis. She loves her job. And Michael is there, too, studying for his Ph.D. in Physics. They love St. Louis and they really get a kick out of exploring it from top to bottom and side to side. Julia loves to play the tour guide to all friends and family who come for a visit. She must have escorted a dozen groups already to the Budweiser plant…and to that magnificent arch that stands as an enduring symbol of St. Louis for the whole world.

As a school girl, Julia had a great big crush on the actor Jan Michael Vincent. But she couldn't have made a better choice than Michael. He's really a sweetheart, a true Southern gentleman and a technical whiz, just like his wife. They are really compatible in so many ways. It's just wonderful. They even seem to have the same internal temperature, so this is one couple that will never fight over where the thermostat is set. Michael's an all-around good guy. He even mediates whenever Juliaand I get into one of our famous battle royals. The only problem is that he likes to tease me whenever his Bearcats beat my Buckeyes in basketball or football. Of course, he hasn't had too many opportunities to tease me for quite a while it seems…

What can I say about Julia? My dear sister has so much going for her. She's organized, she's thoughtful, spontaneous and funny, ambitious and creative. The latter she exhibited at a tender age -- when she mangled my Barbie dolls, chopping off their hair and drawing all over them in the process. She's a fantastic shopper who knows how to sniff out a good deal. She's a socializer extraordinaire who has a good time all the time. She's generous, affectioMichael, kind, responsible and she was blessed with a truly wonderful, beautiful smile.

She is my little sister and I'm proud of her. I love her a great deal and I'll love her forever…or more.

I can imagine the wonderful times that Julia and Michael will have throughout their long life together. They share so many outstanding activities and interests. They're physical fitness addicts, they love seeking out adventure. They camp, they volunteer, they're committed to making the world a better place. They both love photography, travel, fantasy football, college basketball -- especially March Madness. And they're both engineers. Sounds to me like a recipe for a most successful, happy, loving, fun life. That's what I wish on them. In fact, I wish on them whatever they wish on themselves. All life long.

Michael, new brother-in-law, Julia, truly incredible and most special sister, on this extraordinary day, from this vaunted stature as your Maid of Honor, I just want to say two things: Thank you…and I love you.

Love always and happy wedding!


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