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Ideas for a Wedding Renewal

You'd think that writing a vow renewal would be easy. After all, you know your spouse a lot better now than you did when you married him. So why is it so tough?

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Examples of Vows for a Marriage Renewal Ceremony

Dear Jack,

My marriage means the world to me,
Jack has my heart.
That's why a vow renewal
Is just the finest re-start.

In Jack I found that someone,
To share all, small and great.
I can't describe the joy that's mine -
Because Jack is my soul mate.

He's someone to raise a family with,
To laugh, to fight, to cry.
And most of all, grow old with,
I say with an affirming sigh.

We have three gorgeous children,
Bill, Mo and Judy they are.
Each is a testament to our love,
A bright and shining star.

I'll never forget the time,
Jack and I had a fight.
He did all that he could do
To make things once again right.

So he ran right to the florist,
And as our family lore goes.
He sent me the vision of love
That we all know is a rose.

But one rose wouldn't suffice for him,
Nor would a dozen - not just one.
He sent me thirteen dozen roses,
And he made it all such fun!

He's such a sweetheart, yes,
Puts up with all my ways,
Even my love of shopping, which,
Admittedly, can put one in a daze.

Jack's truly a wonderful sport,
He'll try anything to make it right.
Once in a Disney hot air balloon
He was down to the knuckles white.

He wakes up early every morn,
Right at four-forty-five.
Feeds our dog Blackie,
He's the sweetest man alive.

He's generous and oh so thoughtful,
A bit impulsive, for sure.
Proposed to me so early on,
I think it was in month four.

Of course, he's a man of certain habits,
But he won't seek defense in the courts.
On our vacation in Aruba
He spent 10 days in his favorite shorts.

He wears different color underwear
On different days for luck.
Loves his L.A. Dodgers,
Has a world of pluck.

We reaffirm our love now,
It's truly my greatest joy.
I'm so thankful for the very day
This girl met this sweet boy.

Jack, we'll grow old together,
Living a wondrous life.
I love you just so very much,
And I'm thrilled to be your life.

So let's do it once again,
Light up the stars above.
Our wedding vows all over,
A galaxy of our love.



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