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Poetic Wedding Invitations

Get the word out with a wedding invitation - in rhyme. For save the date cards to engagements to the wedding announcement, let PoemsToGo write for you today.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Wedding Invitations

We’re gonna pull it off,
Guaranteed, without a hitch.
On October 8, 2011,
Renee will marry Mitch!

We met so many years ago,
A decade, to be true.
Dated for about 4 years,
That’s what couples do.

Then Mitch said it: let’s break up,
I guess that was his wish.
Maybe more than a wife,
He just wanted to go and fish.

We reconnected 4 years ago,
And on October 8 last year,
On vacation in Niagara Falls,
Mitch made his loving intentions clear.

We were in bed, to tell the truth,
When he proposed to me.
I guess that’s far more comfortable
Than getting down on one knee.

We set the date for one year hence,
And it will just be heaven.
For this 61 year old dandy groom,
And his blushing bride of 57.

Of course, we’ve both been married,
A couple times before.
Those sessions were good practice,
For all the married bliss in store.

Mitch is a super dad,
And a loving grand dad, too.
We’re looking forward to many adventures,
In everything we do.

We both sure love our boating,
Pontooning is a mutual wish.
And Mitch, you know, will get it on,
I mean, with his beloved fish.

His lake house in Ohio
Is the perfect place to be.
After we marry, we’ll live there,
I expect most happily.

I love ol’ Mitch a lot,
Can read him like a book.
I’d do anything for my man, you know,
Except, maybe, take the fish off the hook.

Our plans for now are set,
A private wedding is our dream.
We’re keeping it nice and small,
Truly on the beam.

But we’re planning a celebration,
One to be extraordinaire,
And all we need to know
Is that you’ll join us there!

So please reserve the date,
And as we know you’ll see,
Our reception will be fantastic
On October 23.

Drinks will pour aplenty,
Do a samba or a jig.
In honor of the occasion,
We’ll even roast a pig!

So come and be a part of it,
Or there’ll be hell to pay.
You simply cannot miss it,
The wedding feast of Mitch and Renee.

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