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Wedding Anniversary Poem - Example

Beautiful anniversary poems make a special treat for your parents. Here, at Poems To Go, we'll take your memories and craft a heartfelt verse in honor of the happy occasion.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Wedding Anniversary Poems - An Example

For our dear old Mum and Dad,
On their great big day,
A 20th wedding anniversary,
So special in every way.

Mum grew up in Essex,
An Italian-English blend.
Dad’s the pride of Auckland,
New Zealand and Irish to the end.

Thy met in December, 1986,
At Little Highwood Hospital, we say.
Mum was a student nurse,
And dad was an HCA.

Their first date was right in Auckland,
At the London Bar, you see.
Dad proposed in ‘89,
Forever in love they’d be.

They married back in Essex,
At St. Peter’s Church, how swell.
It was the 2nd of December,
1990 was the year, do tell.

After the ceremony everyone,
Went to a restaurant named just right.
It was “Romeo & Juliet,”
For lovers, the notion was bright!

In time, they had 3 children,
The oldest one, you see,
A daughter named Francesca,
Who’s 19 now – it’s me!

Next my sister, Sophia,
16 grand years old.
And son Michael, who’s fourteen,
A family of purest gold.

Mum and dad are marvelous,
A caring couple extraordinaire.
They really bring out the very best,
With tenderness and great care.

They said as soon as they met,
They “just knew” each was the one.
And now, 20 wonderful years,
Of love and joy and fun.

Mum loves her gardening truly,
And a walk is a favorite wish.
Dad has something that he loves,
It’s to get out on the water and fish.

Mum’s favorite meal is pasta,
She loves Italian cuisine for sure.
Dad craves steak and eggs and chips,
He’s always ready for more.

We have a lovely little cat,
She’s Lizzie, a ginger delight.
Life is good for all of us,
It’s truly out of sight.

Every anniversary,
Mum and dad’s favorite gift,
Has been chocolates and flowers aplenty,
Loving spirits forever will lift.

So Mum and dad, just so you know,
You’re bright as the stars above.
Happy anniversary and many, many more,
With all our thanks and love.



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