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Wedding Vows Renewal

A vow renewal is a time to reflect on your marriage and your relationship.

You're probably trying to figure out what to say. It's not easy. Help is here! Let me assist by creating a vow renewal poemfor the occasion!

Read this: " Said, Sue, You hit a home run! Job well done! And quickly too! Thanks I am so impressed with your ability to capture the essence of 40 years in such a clever fashion ! Wonderful!

Just dream how fabulous you wedding poem will be ! - Totally based on your reflections of your marriage. Feel free to pour your heart out and tell me all about your life. I will use your info to construct your poem.

My poems have been met with rave reviews gosh - almost 10 years now and I would be honored to write one for you.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Sample Vow Renewal

To my darling husband:

Let's don our finest outfits
Feast on food that's trés gourmet
Pour ourselves some champagne because
It's our fortieth anniversary today!

It seems all but a moment
Yet decades have gone past
I guess that's simply how it feels
When love was meant to last

And in front of friends and family
Our children, with theirs in tow,
We'll renew the vows we said this day
Just forty years ago

We'll reproclaim our wedding vows
Every one we did contrive
Though you might want me to add:
To not bug you when you drive!

Well, it all started that fateful night
Like a romantic movie scene
Through the rain, I could tell that you
Were the handsomest I'd seen

When you said that you would carry me
To shield me from the storm
I nearly swooned right then and there
Like the other girls in my dorm!

I can't believe just four days hence
You asked me to be your mate
Not that you weren't completely right
But, rather, how long you made me wait!

From tee to green to the alter
In one year, we made it legal
After all, why waste time on birdies
When I had found my eagle?

Do you know how much I love you?
How proud of you I am?
Of all the great accomplishments
That would humble any man

Since high school (yes, the Kelton Bowl!)
Your hard work was beyond reproach
It's no wonder your classmates still
Refer to you as Coach!

Laugh all you want but I do think
It's quite the fitting name
Who else but Coach could handle raising
Suanne, Robert and James?

You inspire us all daily
You're decisive and you're bold
Your bravery shows on every page
Of those stories that must be told

Yes, a military family
Is not quite an easy life
But I've been rewarded constantly
As your life long friend, and wife

You showed me "home's" a concept
Not a house of bricks and wood
Our God, our country, our family:
With these, we'll always be good

You taught me to look forward
To achieve my dreams and wishes
And I taught you not to use
Fabric softener with our dishes!

Since the day we were betrothed
What a wonderful life we've led
And we have the bedroom set to prove
That we were amazing Newlyweds!

The trips we took together
The sights that we have seen
From museums filled with works of art
To a tower that tends to lean

Be it touring across a country
Or just a round of 18 holes
I'm so happy you're here with me
To share in all life's goals

No matter what comes our way
Or all the years gone by
You'll always be my hero
The wind that makes me fly

So happy anniversary to us,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Stick around, for you'll hear me say
"I do" all over again!



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