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Create a romantic day for your Sweetheart with a special full-of-love PoemstoGo valentine! If you're stuck for a few words to send to your special guy or gal - then let our Cupids write a valentines' verse for you.

"Dear Amy, Except for the moment when I proposed to my wife, I can think of no more romantic instance than when I read her your valentine's poem. Well done!"

Many superstitions abound concerning this day. Here's one: the first unmarried person you met while out strolling on St. Valentine's morning was fated to become your mate. While we can't promise that, we can promise a heart-filled, fun valentine today!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Valentine's Verse - A Sample

Dear Yvonne,

It seems like only yesterday,
When I walked in that hotel,
And saw you sitting with your friend,
My jaw,it almost fell.

I walked in your direction,
Thought I was being really clever,
Made a comment about your long tanned legs,
Seeming to go on forever.

I thought no more about it then,
As I wandered round the place,
But in the back of my mind that night,
I would always see your face.

Then your friend got into an argument,
Some remark had made her mad,
I rushed across to calm things down,
And for that I'm always glad.

We started chatting there again,
And I thought I'd take my chance,
So I plucked up all my courage,
And I asked you up to dance.

I still remember well that night,
We parted at the end,
You give me your phone number,
And you left with your girlfriend.

I was heading back to work,
I called you the next day
It would be my last chance for a while,
I would be six weeks away.

We went out on our first date,
And I thought it was a flop,
When you changed my soppy music,
And you put on Z.Z.Topp.

But we hit it off there that first night,
And the years have passed since then,
And I'm glad to say you're now my wife,
My lover and my friend.

Twenty years and more have passed,
Since we first got together,
I won't say it's been plain sailing,
We've had our share of stormy weather.

We're both born under Taurus,
And you may think I've got a cheek,
But I'll swear you also got my share,
Of that star sign’s stubborn streak.

But we've battled our way this far,
And I wouldn't change a thing,
I've found the real contentment,
That only love can bring.

Eighteen years we've now been married,
Two fine children we are raising,
You haven't changed since I first met you,
And I find that quite amazing.

We still find the same things funny,
I just love it when you're smiling,
Those two dimples still show up then,
And I still think that's beguiling.

But I'll cut right to the chase now,
Yvonne, you're like a good red wine,
As you mature you just get better,
And you’re still my Valentine.