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Tell us about the day you met, your first kiss, your inside jokes, your most cherished moments, or all the little things that you love about each other. Our Valentine’s Day poems are completely personal and express exactly what you want to say. Funny Valentines’ poems, heartfelt ones, I Miss You Valentines’ poems, or even poems to pop the big question... we write for everybody.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Valentine Poem - A Sample

Dear Jack and Michelle,

It’s every young girl’s fantasy:
A “tall, dark, handsome man”
Who’ll love her and stand by her
As they journey through life’s plan.

And each red-blooded guy desires
A beauty who has brains,
With gorgeous smile and dainty hands
To optimize life’s gains.

When Jack was younger,
Our whole family would explore
In San Francisco, Disneyworld,
Mount Rushmore and much more.

But now two families can unite
This Valentine’s Day
Awash in floods of memories
This couple willl have their say.

They are no longer children.
They’re launching a new life.
It’s one they’ll spend together
Once they are man and wife.

His dad’s a Gulf War veteran;
Hers flies a plane. That’s great!
His mom? A nurse consultant,
And her mom’s in real estate.

The Jefferson Memorial
In August was the site
Of Jack’s proposal,
Where he claimed his heart’s delight.

The pair of them are night owls,
And their sense of humor’s strong.
A National Lampoon flick leaves them
Laughing all night long.

While Michelle favors reds and pinks,
He goes for blues and greens.
She doesn’t care for casseroles,
And he avoids green beans.

Love makes the sweetest music,
And these two raise the bar,
For she can play piano,
And he plays the guitar.

For Michelle and for Jack,
This is the perfect fit,
A union God intended,
One that man will never split.

The wisdom of Philippians
A guiding light shall be.
Take heart, for “I can do all things
Through Christ, who strengthens me.”

Though long car rides make Michelle sick,
This journey makes her smile:
A life-long trip that will begin
When she walks down the aisle.

An officer and gentleman,
There Jack will stand,
A Valentine’s Day to behold
Forever, heart and hand.


Mom and Dad

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