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Did you know that this holiday has been commemorated in England for more than 500 years. In fact all over the world, people are sending their friends, teachers, lovers, adorable valentines on this special day.

Read this cute valentine from a guy to a girl. Dear Amy, Wow, what can I say? This is just the best valentine ever! I hope it brings me lots of good luck. Thank you so much!"

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

My Valentine's Day Poem - An Example

St. Valentine’s Day is a day
When many take time
To ask someone special
“Won’t you be mine?”

So imagine how lucky
I feel that I am
That you’ve already agreed
To share my monogram

I remember the first time
That you caught my eye
You were working at Dillard’s
And I thought “oh my”

I got up the nerve to
Ask for a date
After receiving an e-mail,
Consider it fate

“It’s National I don’t
Give a damn day,
Ask out that hottie,”
The message did say

So that’s what I did,
And you agreed to have dinner
And over penne and squash
I fell in love with a winner

Our first kiss was shared
Watching Ladder 49
I knew right then
Your heart was perfect for mine

That was two years ago
This Valentine’s Day
And from then until now
We’ve been building our way

Last year Valentine’s
Was exceptionally sweet
When under Dunn’s River Falls
My proposal did meet

With enthusiasm from you
With a resounding “yes”
And each day since
Has gone from better to best

My sweet Kristie Paar
You’re the love of my life
On Valentine’s next year
You’ll become my wife

I know I don’t seem like
The hopeless romantic
But the light from your smile
Still makes my heart tantric

As I consider Valentine’s
What I’d most like to say
Is each day spent with you
Is my Valentine’s Day.

I love you.


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