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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Valentine's Day Poems - An Example

Dear Greg,

Some 5 scant years ago,
When Beta lived next door,
Her granddaughter Hailey would visit,
Who could ask for more?

Hailey was a sweetie,
She'd come over and cookies we'd bake.
Who would ever figure,
I'd fall for her daddy, for goodness sake!?!!!

She'd play with my 2 kids,
Melissa and Zak are they.
Then one day next door,
An explosive sound…hell to pay?

I saw on a big bad Harley
The toughest, scariest man.
Bald head, all muscle, big beard,
Sure was no Fancy Dan!

I couldn't get him off my mind,
That I must admit, you see.
Hailey's dad, my God!
Would he ever notice me?

I vied for his attention,
An opportunity came real soon.
Hailey and all the kids…
L'affaire de water balloon.

The kids were throwing and splashing,
When Greg roared onto the scene.
From the roof, I nailed him but good,
It was hysterical. Know what I mean?

Later on, still more adventures,
With a Christmas rubber band gun.
I shot Greg through the heart,
And his reaction really did stun.

He came over laughing and running,
Tacos and a bottle of Jack.
We talked and talked the night away,
Not a single moment of slack.

I even gave him a present,
How could I do it? My oh my.
My first gift for the man I'd love?
A nice big dark black eye!

Since then all is history,
Our love grows deep and wide.
Life is truly great,
With Greg right by my side.

We had 3 great kids to begin with,
Then 3 more with our new love.
Aspen, Diesel and Little Greg,
Life's as bright as the sun above.

We moved out to the country,
The simple life, taking stock.
Sweetheart Greg, so thoughtful,
Always giving me a brand new rock.

All he is is thought,
And all he is is heart.
This TUFF GUY is something else,
Guess I knew it from the start.

Our tattoo wedding rings
Are as permanent as life can be.
I'll love this man forever,
And let the whole world know and see.

We'll plant our pecan trees,
Watch them grow old and tall.
Meanwhile life with Greg and our kids
Will forever be a ball.

Sweetheart, Greg, my Valentine,
Thanks for this wonderful life.
I'll love you for all my days,
And I'm thrilled to be your wife.



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