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Be Mine with a Valentine's Day Poem

Pink and red hearts, charming cupids and lace-trimmed Valentines. Those were the good'old days. Now we are here to re-create the mood with a Personalized Verse, especially for your love.

Read this truue-life example. Dear Amy, said Jim, "Oh, I know that Jan is going to love this special poem. You've taken the hard work out and now I can celebrate with this marvelous poem! Thank you, Thank you"

You may ask, "How do we do this?" Simple. We take your information about the honoree, such as personality traits and stories and transform them into a special poem for you. From a romantic verse to a funny Valentine, or one from a child, the result will be a perfect Valentine for the one you love.

Let's get the ball rolling! Please place your order here or click the Order Now button at the top of this page.

Now in my tenth year, I have been rhyme for customers the world wide. Now, I'd love to write for you.

Your questionnaire will follow in your email. Just complete and email back to me. Your poem will be delivered to you within four business days.

For lovers everywhere, I look forward to creating a heartfelt valentine's day greeting for you today!


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Valentine's Day Poem - Example

Dear Jan,

To my sweetheart, Jan dear,
Sweet one, Valentine.
For all the finest reasons
I say you sure are fine.

It's so easy having fun
With my Booshi, one and only.
You fill me up, Wasabi,
With you I'm never lonely.

Soon to be a doctor,
So smart, so prone to think.
She really loves her "luvah,"
And adores the color pink.

Always sweet as sugar,
Never a pain or bossy.
She really loves her wine,
Especially Carlo Rossi.

When I say "tha whaaattt,"
I sing her all my praise.
Truth is, Sweetie Jan
Adds sunshine to all my days.

Our trip out to Chicago
Was good as anyone said.
And flying on top of the world,
Jan, me and TED.

In the hotel we learned the truth,
"Anything is Possible," for sure.
With Jan, that means joys
And laughs…and love and so much more.

We called that "Anything" number,
That button was so great.
Pushed for take and food and towels,
It really was first rate.

I lounge in my new robe,
From Jan and the hotel.
As Christmas goes that gift
Was truly, for sure, swell.

She really loves her cheese,
Especially when it's grilled.
And coffee? It's her favorite,
Especially when it's chilled.

She's a work out devotee,
Serious about it, yes,
Jan? Know what you are?
Simply…you're the best!

Anything is Possible,
Valentine, it's true.
And I'm overjoyed,
To spend my time with you.

Wishing you much joy,
And a life that sparkles like stars above.
Happy Valentine's Day, dear Jan,
From me, to you, with love.


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