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Searching for the perfect words to say to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? You know what you want to say, but perhaps are having a devilish time trying to put pen to paper.

Relax! Let me do it for you - by writing a sweet, touching Valentine's Day poem for you.

Here's a great valentine I prepared for Robert. Dear Amy, Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I am enjoying reading your valentine's day poem. Thank you for doing such an excellent job! I hope my friend becomes MORE after the holiday. I love it!"

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Valentine Poems - A Sample

Dear Christine,

Roses may be very red
And Violets often blue
But flowers never did much for
A girl as unique as you

You don’t like sappy movies
Because they’re always phony
And when you were a little kid
You never asked for a pony

You don’t like fancy restaurants
Won’t give them a second look
Course, why would you ever want to
Given how amazing you can cook!

You don’t like watching theater
And ballet makes you fall asleep
But when the Niners lose a game
I can swear you nearly weep

You don’t like going shopping
You think it’s pretty lame
Some girls collect bags and shoes
For you, its video games

Oh you’ll spend hours redecorating
Carefully, not on a whim
You’ll even shop for fancy clothes
But only for your Sim

And when other girls have purses
Full of make-up, quite the mess
All you have inside of yours
Is a white Nintendo DS

You don’t like seeing operas
I wouldn’t even make you try
Because I know you’d rather watch
DVDs of Firefly

You don’t like hearing love songs
(Especially since I carry not a tune)
But you’ll make a hip-hop play list
To listen on your Zune

See I know what will make you groan
And curse the highest heavens
But I also know what makes you squeal
And get dialed up to eleven

Writing poetry or songs for you
Won’t make me your Don Juan
Not like how I made your year
With tickets to Comic-Con

You hate the taste of alcohol
But drink coffee like a fish
And I know a Starbucks credit card
Is still your first and foremost wish

Yes you’re a very special one
So different than the rest
But compared to all the other ones
It’s really no contest

You might be pretty quirky
But I love you through and through
And wouldn’t change a single thing
Of all that makes you, you

So happy Valentine’s, my love
Let’s have a grand romance
Perhaps we’ll roll the twelve sided dice
And hope our love levels do advance!

Happy Valentine’s Day!