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Valentine Poem

Bottom line is: You've the best part of my life, tell your sweetheart that with a Valentine's Day Verse today.

"Dear Amy, You have created a superb Valentine for my Kathleen. This is my third trip back to PoemsToGo and I couldn't be happier. Many, many thanks for such a great job! Mikey"

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Sample Valentine's Verse

Dear Kathleen,

Valentine's day has come around,
Most people would say it with flowers,
Instead I wrote this little verse,
I'll have you know, this took me hours.

I wanted you to know how much,
You've meant throughout my life,
And how proud I am to have you here,
As my loving tender wife.

We met, it seems like yesterday,
When your car had broken down,
I pulled along to offer help,
Looked into eyes, deep brown.

My heart it gave a stutter then,
My stomach all a flutter,
I tried to ask you what was wrong,
But managed just a stutter.

Your car was bust beyond repair,
I offered you a ride,
As you smiled at me and said OK,
My face, it glowed with pride.

I dropped you off at a motel,
Gave you my number just in case,
Later on that night, when you called me,
My heart began to race.

We sat down over dinner,
Chewed the fat and shot the breeze,
You reached across the table,.
And you gave my hand a squeeze.

We hit it off right there and then,
A second date assured,
And after only two short months,
Our future was secured.

The wedding bells they soon rung out,
We both walked down the aisle,
With our limited resources,
You still did it, girl, with style.

We settled into married life,
Working hard to make ends meet,
But it wasn't long before we heard,
The sound of tiny feet.

Kevin was the first of six,
Three girls and two more boys,
And raising that half dozen,
Has been one of our great joys.

They've all made thier own lives now,
Had children of their own,
But that means as we grow older,
That we will never be alone.

Kathleen its been fifty years,
Since you took from me that ring,
It's a circle, never ending,
With all the joys that love can bring.

So I'll finish now by saying,
You're the lady I adore,
After fifty years of marriage,
I'd give my life for fifty more.

I told a little fib here,
What I said was not quite true,
I contacted Cupid at PoemsToGo.TV
And they wrote this poem for you.

But now you've gone and read it,
Can't you see the sense it makes,
Let these people put your thoughts in rhyme,
Just order now, that's all it takes.

Love and hugs,