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Tributes of Fathers

When your father has passed, how do you cope? Learning how to say good-bye can be a bit tricky.
The loss is forever, I know, but the memories remain.

In that light, It would be my pleasure to ease your sadness by creating a comforting poem of sympathy.

Here's an example below. "Dear Amy, I can't thank you enough for this lovely tribute to my Father. It's just great. Much appreciated, Karen"

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Simply complete as thoroughly as you can and then email it back to me. I will return your completed poem in only four business days.

Just think how wonderful your poem will be. Based on your life stories, either funny, serious or a combination there, I am sure your poem will be precious to you.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Tributes to Fathers

B. Frank Rogers, a special man,
Always made us happy.
He was Frank, dad, grandfather, great grandpa,
PawPaw, yes, and Pappy.

We lost him just a year ago,
A special man was he.
We're proud to hold him close to heart,
Sweetest memory he'll always be.

Born in 1931,
A loving family was his lot.
Strong values, work and church meant all,
He gave - and thus he got.

One night at Smokey Hollow,
With Cousin Ralph, eating, those two.
He met the love of his whole life,
Wife-to-be, dear Lula Shue.

This marriage, it was purest gold,
Love and joy for 55 years.
Quiet the couple these two were,
Two sweethearts, special dears.

He worked in a hosiery mill,
Sold insurance for a while.
Then got into construction,
And found it was his style.

He learned from old Ben Wilson,
Who was a major factor.
In dad's long-time career
As a general contractor.

Had three kids along the way,
Steve, Karen and Robin they are.
Family meant the world to him,
And dad? He was our star.

Loved his woodworking, truly,
Built homes for all 3 kids.
A quiet man of just a few words,
But we had a Colonel in our midst.

He knew how all things worked,
Understood it every day.
As he saw it, all was clear,
His way or no way!

He built homes with strong foundations,
His life was just the same.
Do good things, be helpful and kind,
Those were his claims to fame.

Loved his deep sea fishing,
"The Colonel's Lady" would set him free.
Then a second, bigger boat,
His beloved "My GeGe."

His greatest love was family,
The kids and all their spouses.
6 grandchildren to adore,
And 5 grand kids fill more houses.

A man of love and spirit,
Faith right to the core.
Dad, Grandfather, Pappy,
You're just what life is for.

We love you for eternity,
For being so warm and wise.
It's comforting for us to know
You're experiencing heaven's sunrise.

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