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Tributes to Children

Grief for a life taken at any age is heartwrenching. If that loss is of your child, I'm sure it's very hard to comprehend.

Searching for inspiring words of sympathy? That too gcan be stressful. Let me help by preparing a soulful sympathy verse that truly embodies the life of the departed - no matter if they are brother, sister, mother, father.

Here's a true-life example of a poem I created for Stephanie. She lost her son and asked for my assistance. "Dear Amy, Words can not express what a lovely memorial this is to my son. You really made a hard time much more bearable."

My poems are 15 stanzas long and are based on your memories of your children. Now, it's time to ORDER HERE. You may also click the ORDER NOW button at the top of this page.

Your sympathy questionnaire will follow in your email. Please complete and email back to me. It's your personal stories and details which will help to create your poem.

I will return it to you within 4 business days. If you need it sooner, please do not hesitate to order a RUSH by clicking the Rush Order button found 2/3 of the way down on the order page.

For any questions you might have, please feel free to email me.


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Tributes to Children

Our dear, sweet loving Rob
God carried you away.
Rob, we know you hear us,
We think of you every day.

Oh, you were so special,
A wondrous, loving son.
Truly a great brother, too,
And for everyone, such fun.

We think of all you loved
In your little bit of time.
Nature, wild life was your dream,
And of it you richly mined.

Tall and thin and manly,
Truly a vision strong.
At 24 you were still so young
And you never did anyone wrong.

How the girls had an eye for you,
And how you’d eye them back,
You didn't sit on the sidelines, Rob,
Activity - you'd never lack.

You loved your sports, you played so hard,
At pool you were a star.
On the pool team, in fact,
You always raised the bar.

You'd golf and Frisbee and rollerblade,
Imbued with youth so dear.
You rode your bike for miles and miles
And hunted without fear.

Of course, you had your buddy,
So close, Blackie and you.
To think you're both together now
Gives us serenity - true.

Rob, you were such a special friend,
How you listened - and were always there.
Your love for little children,
Took them jeeping everywhere.

You left us yes, but not before
You made your mark to start.
So many have you in our minds
And also in our hearts.

There's Anthony, your Godson,
A child who's like no other.
And naturally, dear Richard,
Your most adoring brother.

How hard for us to miss you,
We fight from being sad.
Just know we'll always love you,
Always be your mom and dad.

Rob, with dad it was rough sometimes,
But you guys worked it out.
That love was always at the core
Was never once in doubt.

And for me, your mom, how I think on
Your notes and how you'd phone.
Your care, concern, protective ways,
My darling, I'm never alone.

You've passed on, dear Rob
That we know. Accept it? Well, we must.
But one thing more from all of us,
And in this, your spirit can trust.

You're with us now, it's just that way,
As sure as skies above.
Dear Rob, our Christmas child and brother,
You'll always have our love.


Mom and Dad

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