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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Wedding Toast to Bride and Groom

When Kristin was a little girl,
Each day was like a song.
She looked like Pippi Longstocking
With braids so red and long.

When Matthew was a little boy,
Chock-full of fun and zeal,
He dressed up like a super-hero.
Now he’s one, for real.

In ‘Robber Bridegroom,’ they portrayed
A couple, strange but homey,
For he was ‘Clemment Musgrove’ and
She played his wife, Salome.

Now life is imitating art,
With matrimony’s thrill.
The secret to their future bliss
Is lots of Benadryl!

Matt’s allergy to animals
Beloved by his lady
Are troublesome, but worth it all
For Lanie and for Sadie.

Though Kristin is a Gyllenborg,
And proud to bear that name,
She’ll find that ‘Hurt’ is simpler,
Once Matt has staked his claim.

But Matt has borne some teasing, too.
At Davidson, you see,
His football jersey spelled out ‘HURT’
After he broke his knee.

This couple is quite musical,
With voices strong and true.
We know they’ll be harmonious
When they announce, “I do.”

They’d brave the dark of Mordor
To become a groom and bride.
Their home will be Lothlorian,
With true love on their side.

To see French Polynesia
On their honeymoon, they’ll cruise,
Though gazing in each other’s eyes
May yield the fairest views.

When they return, they’ll start afresh
And build a fresh new life.
A TOAST to them as they prepare
To become man and wife!

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