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Poetic Wedding Toasts to the Bride

Is your best friend getting married? On this fabulous day, toast her in a special way, with a Personalized Wedding Poem!

"What a cute and fun wedding poem. Everybody loved it, especially Kim. A job well done! Boy, are you talented. We couldn't be more pleased, Sincerely, Amber and friends

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Sample Wedding Toast to the Bride

Dear Kim,

Four girls once met in the very first grade,
At Old St. Thomas school
Great friends they became - for all lifelong
It was just like a rule.

Because they had so much to share
So much to learn and grow
They laughed, they cried, they staed real close,
On and upward they did go.

There was Amber who was prissy,
Jenn and Julie who were twins.
And the one who set the pace for all
Was good old, darlin' Kim.

Time went on, the girls grew up
In life they toiled and parried
And then, as it goes, the way of things,
All the girls got married.

Except for one, or so it seems,
Oh me-oh-my-oh-mio
Poor Kim was still sans hubby
At that delicate age of three-oh.

But that was all to change in time
Her life would set new paces
It started one time at Delaware Park
Kim's big day at the races.

While there with Amber and A's brother Bill
She faced her connubial duty
By meeting Bill's bud, good old Steve,
Said Amber: "Kim, isn't he a cutie?"

Kim duly noted for herself
That Steve could be a star
But all was held in abeyance
'Til that night at Big Kahn, the bar.

Steve and Kim met up again,
This time the sparks did soar
And now they're getting married,
Sharing love of which they're sure.

A perfect couple, these two,
Kim, a warm outgoing belle
And Steve who once was every so shy
Kim brings him out of his shell.

They've got it all, and that's the truth
Perfectly they get a long-o
Just Kim, dog Lexi and kelsee the cat
And, of course, there's Steve's pooch, Mono.

And yes, there will be wedded bliss
All four girls, in wedlock, taken
But the friendship of old St. Thomas
Will never be forsaken.

'Cause all four girls are still as one
Their bongs never hit the bends
Old ladies together, that's the goal
They'll always be best of friends.

So Kim, please see with clarity
That you're alwyas outasight
And we couldn't be more thrilled for you -
For catching your Mr. Right.

And note as well as time goes by
Even though we love our men.
There'll always be the bedrock
That is Amber, Kim, Julie and Jen.

With much love,

Amber, Julie and Jenn

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