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Loving Anniversary Toasts for your 50th!

Wish the happiest of golden anniversaries with a grand poetic toast! For the party, you know that a few from-the-heart stories will have everyone in tears of joy. Here, we write these toasts in a rhyme.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Toasts for 50th Anniversary - An Example

Dear Mom and Dad,
The friends and family gathered here,
To you are all familiar,
So we’d like to share, with them, the joy
Of our parents, Fred and Cecilia.
Their eyes first met in a local town park
When Dad was dating Mom’s friend,
But Cupid’s arrow, so strong and true,
Meant he went home with her in the end.

  Tall and handsome, tanned and toned,
Every inch the lean Marine,
Fred was Cecilia’s perfect man,
Plus he looked just like James Dean.

  Married as soon as his tour was done,
They had three blissful years of peace,
All that soon changed when Deborah came along,
Especially when joined by Denise.
Dad took three jobs to always ensure
We enjoyed our yearly vacations,
One of the things he strongly believes in
Is traditional family foundations.

  Mom also worked hard every day
Being student, and mother and wife,
Somehow she managed to always find time
For us all, as she has done through life.
Our vacation travels eventually lead
To the heaven that is Woodloch Pines,
Life-long friends await us there every year
For sunshine and fabulous times.
Another tradition’s the annual search
For the Christmas Tree we like the best,
Like Grizwalds of old, disregarding the cold,
We drive hours to accomplish our quest.

Dinner on Sunday is always a treat
Not one single plate is left dirty,
Regardless of what they’ve eaten that day,
Dad’s teeth are pristine at nine-thirty.
Italian cuisine is their favourite delight,
With Pinot Grigio, never Cinzano,
Relaxing together at the end of the day
On the couch with Tony Sop
  Doing their own thing or playing together,
They’re constantly making us proud,
A storm in their tea-cup never lasts long,
‘Cos two dunks is all Dad’s allowed!
If raindrops were marriages, measures of love,
Of happiness, truth and devotion,
Our wonderful parents’ raindrop would be
As deep and as vast as the ocean.
Congratulations and happy 50th anniversary,  
Your loving daughters,  
Deborah and Denise
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