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Thank You Speeches

A special thank you speech is often forgotten at many functions. But, that's when it really means the most. For hospitality of a Maid of Honor, or perhaps for the love of a friend, send touching wishes which will stay in their hears and minds forever.

"Dear Amy, Your thank you speech was terrific. I just couldn't put pen to paper and you wrote a gem , so easily and so lovely. I was be forever grateful to you and the service you provide."

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Sample Thank You Speech

On behalf of all of us, Mom, Eddie and myself, I'd like to thank my dear cousins Phyllis and Milo for a Thanksgiving celebration that I'll remember for a long, long time. Maybe forever, in fact.

Your hospitality was incredible, your sunshine-filled Florida home was never lovelier and your cuisine was, well, as always, par excellence!

Just the look of the table alone was exquisite. The way you set it all up, replete with those gorgeous autumnal hues and the Thanksgiving favors…it was extraordinary before even one single delectable taste.

Of course, Mom was her inimitable self, offering up her commentary on just why and how Gordon stuffed the turkey in a way that wasn't altogether, according to her, correct. Her timing of said comment was classic, holding back until the very Moment when Gordon picked up the knife and started to carve into that bird.

I'm glad that Mom's comment was taken in a humorous way -- which may, or may not, have been the way she intended it. At any rate, it made for a good laugh and that in itself was an excellent start to a feast that was a wonder in any sense, including taste, sight and aroma.

I can't thank you enough for an absolutely marvelous day. I truly don't know when -- or if -- I enjoyed a holiday experience as much as this one.

If I promise to keep Mom quiet, I hope you'll invite us again next year! With our best wishes, our love and our sincerest thanks…have a wonderful holiday season. You guys are just the best!

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