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A Thank You to a Pastor or a Rabbi is an important occasion. After all, that individual must have done something special for you, your life. Now you wish to repay the favor. It's a wonderful idea - a great way to express your kindness is with a customized verse from PoemsToGo.

Read this true-life example. "What can I say Amy...I love the poem. Thank you and I look forward to reading it at our Pastor's Appreciation Day Luncheon" - Sincerely, Peter

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Thank You Pastor Poems - An Example

Dear Pastors,

Pastor appreciation day
Comes but once a year.
The meaning of this special event
Is just so exquisitely clear.

Our pastors mean the world to us,
They give us all their days.
And service that's extraordinary,
It really does amaze.

Pastor Steve tells his jokes
And loves his Yankees so.
Eats pasta fagiole in buckets,
It keeps him on the go.

His messages are challenging,
And tailored to what we need.
His hard work makes it seem so easy,
And he leads his flock indeed.

Pastor Dave eats those beef patties
Like they're going out of style.
Our greeter in front of church,
He always goes the extra mile.

An administrator par excellence,
Organizer extraordinaire,
Conducting class, teaching the sheep,
Pastor Dave is ever there.

Pastor Henry says God's word
Is"Mind your own business," true.
He takes that word most seriously
In all he'll say and do.

He visits the sick and the dying,
Counsels husbands and wives.
Helps church members discover themselves,
Adds God's sunshine to our lives.

Pastor Todd, youth pastor,
Disciple of our young,
All his efforts serve so well,
Helps them climb up the next rung.

He works so well with students,
A multi-tasking wiz, for sure.
Creative and inspiring,
Always willing to do more.

And then there's Pastor Diana,
Children's pastor, she.
Newest to our church,
So gentle and quiet, you see.

Her Conduit Sunday School
Is truly Kids' Power and Light.
Her work with all the children
Is surely a wonderful sight.

It's clear, our pastors mean the most
To our flock, one and all.
They're quite a special group,
Each one standing tall.

Your inspiration fills us
With a light that's just divine.
Infusing us with peace and strength
That's altogether fine.

Just one day to show it,
How much we appreciate,
The message should be clear,
You pastors are just great.

With that, we truly thank you
For a job that's so well done.
And our wishes for all five of you
Is another season in the sun.

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