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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Thank You Poem - A Sample

Thanks to Sani-Service truly
Does so much that's great.
Our restroom hygiene programs
Are aways first rate.

We get rid of germs,
Odors have no chance
Our customers breathe so easy,
It makes them sing and dance.

We do it all so well,
Flush the competition away.
If anyone needs our help,
Call Sani-Service every day!

What makes us restroom leaders?
As wonderful as we seem?
We're best of all because
Our people are a dream.

Like Lou, our Operations manager,
Italian stallion is he.
No one works a pencil
Like Lou, as all can see.

Becki of Quality Assurance,
Assuredly extraordinaire.
Loves lobster and perfection,
And dig that big blonde hair!

Service manager Steve,
Wild animals he does tame.
Got a world of patience,
Talking funny is his claim to fame.

Our Training manager, Roberto,
A Chilean jumping bean.
Committed to true greatness,
Best worker you've ever seen.

Paulo, assistant Service manager,
Our resident Portuguese.
Always utterly loyal,
Makes women weak in the knees.

Doris in the office,
Loves to cook and rap.
Give her any job,
She'll handle it in a snap.

Office staffer Beth,
Analyzes all our deals.
Then gets on her bike,
And rides with training wheels.

Our outside sales department
All our biz, it starts right here.
Where'd we be without 'em?
Probably grinding our gears.

All our Sani-Service people,
Pros in every phase.
You folks do the job, alright,
In fact, you DO amaze.

The very best in franchising,
Good clean fun for all.
Let's picnic, have a blast,
And also have a ball.

With special thanks to our social committee,
Beth, Brian, Lixin, Lou,
Shirley and Andrea, of course,
Today is all because of you.

So everyone, enjoy,
You're all the biggest prize.
And remember, when in doubt,

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