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50th Anniversary Toast

Your anniversary toast will be chock-full

— of your personal stories about your folks. Here’s an example.  The possibilities are endless.  We’ll make it funny, heartfelt, and memorable for sure.

Look no further than PoemsToGo! Our toasts are made into a poem!

Dear Amy, “Your poem over exceeded any and all expectations when I delivered it at the anniversary party. It was a tremendous success! Thank YOU so much. Sylvia”

Place your order here. Your anniversary questionnaire will be delivered to your email. Just complete and email it back to me.

You will receive your poem via email within four business days.

I am happy to accommodate any special requests. Just email me today!

50th Anniversary Toast Example

Here is a true-life portion of an anniversary toast we’ve written. All poems are made from your own details and stories. Please enjoy the sample and then order your own poem right here. For questions, please call us: 508-330-0028 or email us today.

Dear Mom and Dad,

A fiftieth anniversary
Doesn’t happen every day,
And so we find out hearts are full,
With many things to say.

Delores and her Melvin
Started dating at fifteen.
Twixt Junior year and Senior year,
They married in-between.

They went to Alexandria
By bus, to tie the knot.
It was so crowded, separate seats
Were what they finally got.

But since that fabled bus trip,
They’ve rarely been apart.
Delores loves her Melvin,
And he clasps her to his heart.

And Dad, he was a tillerman.
He steered the truck’s rear end
And kept that fire truck in line
When it went ’round the bend.

Mom’s bought him many watches,
But he leaves them in a drawer.
When they’re together, time stands still,
‘Cause that’s what love is for.

Happy 50th Anniversary!



Made with love by PoemsToGo