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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Maid of Honor Speech Example

All our lives, Emily and I have been closer than close -- not surprising, since we're twins. Today, she is the first of us to step beyond that circle of two and form a different kind of lifetime two-some, forging an entirely voluntary bond that is born of love. Al, you're a very lucky man.

When Emily and I were little, our parents dressed us alike, and even after we declared our independence from that, there were more than a few mornings in high school when we'd come out of our rooms and discover that we'd picked the same-color shirt and similar pants. Of course, that would lead to a five-minute battle of wills, to see which of us was going to go and change. In a way, that's our twinship in a nutshell: we're two strong and independent individuals…but we're also a lot alike.

As babies, we shared the same crib. As little girls, we shared the same room. Our parents are convinced that we share a secret language all our own - but we'll never tell. Emily and I have been each other's main support system all our lives. I wish everyone could experience what it's like to know that there's one special person to whom you can say anything, and with whom you can share everything. That's what makes today so exciting. Emily will be a rich, rich woman, because she'll now have two such people in her life.

Still, I have a head-start on you, Al. You've got a lot of catching up to do. You didn't share a Smurf costume with Emily, the way I did. You weren't there for those summers at Grandma's house, where swimming, tater tots, and all-day soap opera marathons were the major events on our social calendar. You weren't with us in our garage when we played Barbies for endless hours -- up to and including Barbie's wedding. Hmm - maybe you do look a little like Ken - ? No. Must be my imagination.

Lots of people were surprised when Emily and I decided to attend different colleges, but it was the next necessary step as we matured into the adults we've now become: Southern California for me, San Francisco for her. And even after graduation, when I, too, moved to San Francisco, we chose not to live together. We may be best friends, but that didn't mean we were ready to deal with each other twenty-four/seven. You're a brave guy, Al.

Actually, folks, Emily and Al met through the Nike Town running club. These two have gone hiking together. They've survived marathons. They even have a tandem bike. Now that's togetherness.

Oddly enough, despite her love of going places, Emily took almost forever to get her driver's license. (Living in San Francisco can do that to a person.) I take it as very positive sign that Al tried -- unsuccessfully -- to teach Emily how to drive - and their relationship survived the attempt! She finally hired a driving teacher, and she's now the proud possessor of a driver's license and a loving husband.

Al had more success when it came to encouraging Emily to develop her culinary skills. I used to visit her apartment and complain that the only thing edible in her kitchen was the box of take-out from the previous night. But under Al's tutelage, she's become pretty adventurous. Now, she even knows not to wash the chicken with dish soap. So if they invite you over to dinner, you won't be risking your life if you accept. I promise.

Just a few final tips, Al. My job here is almost done. On the down-side, Emily likes reading fashion magazines. On the up-side, when it comes to movies, she loves a good romantic comedy. That's where you come in. Because, as much as my sister and I adore each other, and as much as we've shared, through the years, the time has come when she needs her own romantic lead, her knight in shining armor. And out of all the guys in the world, you're the man she's chosen. The man she loves.

So welcome to the inner circle. Emily is kind and loyal, generous and patient. She's confident and smart and funny, and she will never bore you. This is a woman who's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Delight in that. Delight in her, as you begin your married lives together. I wish you both every possible happiness together.

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