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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Retirement Poem Sample

Malcolm John Churchill,
Of Maryborough PD,
Our inspector/district officer
Is retiring, you see.

The very first law officer
To be awarded the Gold Lapel.
For Queensland's Neighborhood Watch Programme,
This badge, quite a story does it tell.

Truly an excellent leader,
Without fanfare, fuss or gloss.
The very first person, I'm proud to say,
I ever called my "Boss."

I came from Brisbane to work for him,
From big city to town -- a broad range.
I'm thrilled to say my first impression
Of Malcolm never changed.

A great fellow in all ways,
Hard working and loyal, so.
You always know where you stand with him,
As honest as anyone you know.

Truly a high achiever,
Throughout his wondrous career.
Caring, trusting, thoughtful,
His great qualities are perfectly clear.

He retires because he reached the age,
Service was big in his life.
But the richness extends with pleasure
To his five sons and fabulous wife.

Malcolm and Chrissy have so much,
Goodness was heaven-sent.
Those five sons along the way,
Adam, Cameron, Travis, Aiden and Trent.

Of course, there is another one,
An honorary daughter, you see?
That girl who stands devoted
Is none other than…well, it's me!

He'll go fishing, which he loves,
On his prized possession boat.
May he catch a ton of fish,
May he always stay afloat.

He's got his garden to keep him busy,
His roses grow so big.
Loves music, like "Copperhead Road,"
He'll sing and dance a jig.

Boss, I'll miss your big word play,
I had to keep the dictionary near.
I still remember your first word test,
It was "panacea," do you hear?

Policing with such ability,
Handling people with such grace.
I have to make confession,
I'll miss your smiling face.

But for now the pipers are piping,
And we bid you fondest farewell.
Queensland will surely miss you,
For all the world to tell.

I wish you just the best,
Your gain is Queensland's loss.
I leave you with one last question:
Is it ok if I still call you "Boss?"

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