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Retirement Poems That Say it All

Retirement wishes are great for teachers, bosses, military personnel or anybody special who is ready to go forth on new adventures.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Retirement Poem, A Sample

Here's to Al J. Rudolph,
One of the all-time dears.
A legend at The First Bank,
For 38 and one half years.

He has been our Chief Credit Officer,
And a Senior Veep.
I can tell you so much more,
Like how's he's laid back…and cheap.

Always in the greatest mood,
Cheerful and polite.
When Al is around,
You KNOW all is alright.

He graduated B.U.
Married Sylvia, beloved wife.
They have a dear daughter, Debra
It's truly the good life.

Loved his late dog, Blackie,
Crows about Sylvia every day.
But one day most of all,
When she passed her CPA!

He'll analyze everything 10 times at least,
A group opinion pays.
And ask him any question,
He'll say, "Did you see what the manual says?

He's up to every challenge,
A mentor to one and all.
A man of sterling character,
Farol truly does stand tall.

He holds all bits of paperwork,
That ever passed his eye.
'Course it'd take him days to find anything
In his "filing system"…oh, my!

He was invited by a co-worker once,
Who showed a lot of pluck.
They went mallard hunting together,
And Al shot his host's pet duck!

He lost a plate of food
At a restaurant in on Langley Road
Must have been the bagels and lox
Or so I've been told.

He loves McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts,
Most every single day.
He hates polices and procedures,
Especially the FCA

He's known for his bird legs,
They're sure extraordinaire.
Got glasses and a charming smile,
And a head of great grey hair.

He's a family man forever,
And really the greatest guy.
Farol, we'll sure miss you,
And here's the reason why:

Your smile, your humor, your friendship,
Surely are the best.
The way you guide and teach,
Passes every test.

We wish you joy and health,
And happiness galore.
We'll certainly miss you mucho, Farol,
Of that you can be sure.

Please come back and visit,
You mean the world, it's true.
Good luck, good wishes and more, dear friend,
In everything you do.

Happy Retirement,


The First Bank Employees

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