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Religious Wedding Poetry

For many couples, religion plays a large role in the wedding ceremony. They believe that the spiritual significance should be carried throughout the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. In that vein, I am here to help to assist with the creation of a religious wedding poem.

My customers have used their poems for the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and ending with the reception. They've even used them to renew their wedding vows.

Here's an example of a wedding poem from a Mom to her children. Dear Amy, "I thank God I found you online. What a wonderful poem. I'm truly pleased with the results and know that my children love it. Much appreciated, Susan "

The possibilities are endless! For all of these occasions and more, think how touching a religious wedding poem will be!

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Wedding Poems Religious

Dear Amy and Peter,

A mother's love is wonderful.
It solves a lot of trouble.
And when you've got two mothers' love,
Your blessings will be double.

A religious trip to Mexico
Is where they wondered whether
Two of their children just might be
Meant to be together.

When they got home, they lost no time
With Amy and with Peter.
They told their son and daughter
Life together would be sweeter.

Well, Peter's only twenty-one,
The youngest of his clan,
While Amy's strong and confident,
A woman with a plan.

But opposites (they say) attract,
And in this case they're right.
When Peter got to know her,
Amy made his heart take flight.

Our Amy is an athlete
And rugby is her game.
Despite a broken finger, she played
On a team in Spain.

I stayed with her in Europe,
Eating squid and roaming free.
Our Christmas at the Vatican's
A special memory.

Peter is the sweetest guy!
No smoking and no drinking.
He's grown into a fine young man,
His hand in Amy's linking.

Though Peter's over six feet tall
And Amy's five-foot-three,
Their unity is perfect
When they pray the rosary.

In Baldwins Mill and Bayfield,
These Wisconsonites got their start.
And now they're grown and ready
To unite with hand and heart.

Peter is laid-back and calm,
While Amy's more outgoing,
A take-charge person who has found
That Peter keeps her glowing.

They'll be adopting Mom's two cats,
A plan I think is neat,
But better still would be the
Pitter-pat of little feet.

For now, after the wedding,
They will soon be on their way
To honeymoon in Austria
And celebrate Youth Day.

They'll go with Father John,
Who's been a special friend.
Their married life's beginning,
And it's never going to end.

So toast Peter and Amy,
As they begin life's dream,
With champagne, pop or grape juice -
Or maybe Ovaltine!



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