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Pastor Appreciation Poems

Great pastors are hard to come by. Once you find one, you don't want to let him go. That's how it is with Rick, a pastor celebrating thirty years of service.

His brother asked me to create a special verse for the wonderful occasion. Read it now! Tom said, "Dear Amy, Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a meaningful and touching poetic toast! This will be remembered for years. I'm eternally grateful for your terrific work and attention to detail."

When you have a special religious occasion to celebrate, I would be honored to write for you. From a speech to a christmas greeting or a youth poem, yours will be the highlight of the evening.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Religious Poem Pastor - An Example

Thirty Years of Hope

How much hope can one man share
When the word of God he hears?
How much joy can one man foster
In the flash of thirty years?

Can time be used to measure such;
Or does love created, tell
The value of God’s given mission
You’ve done His work quite well

We gather here to honor you
As your personal, lifelong parish
To acknowledge all you’ve given us
And the parts of you we cherish

Your fruitful family flock has come
Like pilgrims from far and wide
Across the globe from Germany
And Montana’s great divide

So blessed we are to come together
To share with kin, full-hearted
In the presence of loved ones, filled with life
Or in spirit, though departed

Mary, Cathy, and Stephanie
Will ensure this night is merry
Barb and Laurie came for the wine
As did your God-send Terry

For thirty years you’ve spread His word
In your special way, unique
You are living proof that support and prayers
Will move mountains for the meek

When the good Lord issued his challenge to you
You took it as a blessing
An enlightenment toward life and death
To add credence to your professing

Because of your experience
You have so much more to give
Your strength and stamina inspire us all
You exemplify the will to live

You are Uncle, Brother, Father, Rick
And there could never be another
An engaging, lively preacher in church
Yet, so deadly with his putter

Your giant smile and funny ways
Lead to natural gravitation
To you, the masses congregate
For debate and conversation

Your stature lends authority
In a world that’s five foot seven
So many folks look up to you
And your proximity to heaven

After thirty years of saying Mass
We hope you’ll take a day off
To exercise some Godly pull
And get the Grizzlies through the playoffs (next year)

But if the Lord should find himself
Too busy, ending hate
Perhaps next year He’ll hear your prayer
And make champs of Memphis State

Your role as Priest and Brother
Your place with family and friends
The parishioners you’ve known, and the love that you’ve grown
Live eternal, in a world without end

We hope you’ll chance to take some time
To look back with pride and ponder
At the meaning you’ve held to so many lives
And to know our love won’t wander

So gaze around this cheerful place
At the faces that fill St. Paul’s
After thirty years, your cup is full
And you’ve touched the lives of us all

Here’s to going forth in life
With a will both strong and sturdy
Continuing to share God’s hope
For perhaps another thirty

Toast: “Father Rick, having you here with us is a great thing. Your faith in God and your role as a priest and brother have always been very important to you. Tonight, your family, your friends, and your parishioners want you to know how very important you are to us.”

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