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Relationship Poetry for All

Being in love is just grand! - What could be better? Sometimes, it's hard to know how your partner feels about you. Instead of analyzing the relationship to death, send them a lovely rhyme.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

An Example of a Romantic Verse

Dear Jenny,

Jenny dear, what can I say?
How do I speak to you?
From the heart, believe me,
Every word is true.

I love you so, I can't believe
That we are now apart.
Oh, how I want with all my soul
With you – a fresh, new start.

You know that you can take my word,
Like a line dawn in fresh sand.
Remember when I shared our love
And how I cut my hand?

The same applies to these words,
And how you make me feel.
So lovely, caring, fine you are,
I know our love is real.

Even when you're mad at me
I pay a frightful cost.
But I must admit, it's lovely, too,
The way you say "Get lost!"

I see you at your passion,
To watch you is like heaven.
Even when you're online, dear,
Internettin', 24/7.

I love our dining moments,
The foods we like to hash.
The way you savor fried shrimp
And your potatoes - always mashed.

And all those Indian movies,
It's "Bollywood" to some.
Oh, Jenny, please, don't torture me,
Just get back - please, come!

I'm just not feeling well right now,
I want you so to see
Without you I'm not fully whole.
You're such a part of me.

I need to hear you laugh again,
To see your lovely face.
To lose you would be more than sad,
To me - it's like disgrace.

I miss your adorable, piercing eyes,
Your Barbie innocence.
The way you treat your friends so fine,
I swear - magnificence!

That's why I say to Jenny dear,
Submitted with all tact.
I state it with my heartfelt care,
It's just a simple fact.

You gotta know the truth at heart,
The way I think of you.
The thoughts that run right through me,
The things they make me do.

It all comes down to just one thing,
As if from high above.
The only thing that matters
Is a matter of - yes - love.

And love it what it's all about
For Jenny and her Pam.
You ask, will I love Jenny forever?
My answer: Of course I can!



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