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One day, I received a call from a very excited man asking if I could do him a favor. He said that after a very long romance, he was ready to propose and wanted to do it with a poem. How romantic! I thought.

After sending him my poetry questionnaire, he told me all about his love. From that information, I wrote his proposal poem. He loved it, "Amy, this is GREAT! I appreciate all your hardwork and best yet, she said YES!"

If you have decided to take the big step in your relationship, let me write a perfect poem for you. She will be delighted!
Now, once she does say "Yes", it's time to think about wedding invitations! Here's a sample of what we can for you in that vein.

From the proposal to the engagement to the wedding reception and beyond, we would love to write for you.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Wedding Proposal Poems

Dear Yehudi,

...We'll think about those long past times
When the President was Bush #2
Those early days and all the fun
That was had by me and you.

We'll think back on our U.S. tour
The places that we went
For all the love that we exchanged
The happy times we spent.

I'll think about the times you sneezed
The kleenex you destroyed
And all the pollen-laden spots
That you tried to avoid!

When you knock something over
I think about my heart
I thought it was so stable
But you took it all apart.

Good fortune I must surely have
A chemist to find
For it means that meals at our house
Will be precisely cooked and timed!

It's just amazing that we live
To tell about so much
You could have lived in Zanzibar
And I could have been Dutch.

But fate had it that we could meet
On Independence Day
I felt like it was December
And you came from Santa's sleigh.

You're just what I had needed
For perfect gift for me
And that is why it's time that I
Get down on bended knee.

For you have fulfilled all my dreams
The fondest of my hopes
And now my life flows easily
No longer on the ropes.

I hope this poem will do the trick
Turning out to be a "doozy"
Because it is so hard to find
Words rhyming with Yehudi!

Will you marry me??

I love you

All my love

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