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Poems to say Thank You

Is it hard for you to a write thank-you note? Do words escape you? Wouldn't it be great to have someone do the job for you? To tell your boss how fabulous he is, or your friends for throwing you a baby shower, we'll create the perfect thank you verse for all occasions.

"Just a note to say "thank you" for this wonderful poem. No matter the circumstance, I know that PoemsToGo will find the right words for me. You are a life saver and a time saver. Sincerely, Cindi"

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I look forward to writing a lovely thank-you poem for you today.


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Poems to say Thank You - An Example

Since Patti loves to use big words,
And so this poem includes them.
Just list the finest attributes –
You’ll find that she exudes them.

She’s five-foot-two, like Susie Q.
Black hair with silver streak.
Her clothing is meticulous,
The height of vulpine chic.

Although her penciled writing’s faint,
And sometimes hard to read,
It’s always worth your effort to
Decipher Patti’s screed.

You’ll find she cares for everyone
Sincerely, not by rote –
The first to bring a hostess gift
Or send a ‘Thank You’ note.

She drives to feed the elderly.
Her Meals On Wheels are real.
She listens, too, since sustenance
Can come from how folks feel.

Her glasses frame such big, brown eyes,
They could come from a jeweler’s.
Her laughter’s so appealing,
They could serve it at Winn Schuler’s.

So far, good things have come in twos,
As Patti would agree:
Two sisters, daughters, grandchildren…
But soon there will be three!

She is her JJ’s Silver Fox.
She makes her garden grow.
She’s traveled all around the world –
No telling where she’ll go!

But she came here, and you can bet
We’re mighty glad she did.
The past five years have been a joy.
She makes us flip our lid.

If you’ve met Patti, then you know
That she’s a true go-getter.
We think she’s just splendiferous,
An all-time great Pacesetter.

So clap your hand, then raise your glass
And give a mighty cheer.
She’s our Pacesetting Patti,
And we’re oh-so-glad she’s here!

Thank You for being YOU!



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