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Mourn a Loss with a Poem of Sympathy

What words can you say at the unspeakable loss of a dear one?

It's tough to know what to say - let alone what to do. Time are tough and words don't flow so easily. Why not let me help by writing a comforting customized sympathy poem to help you deal with your sorrow.

Read Andrea's verse below. "Wow, Amy. This is wonderful. I was having a great deal of difficulty putting words together for Dad's service next week (still feeling the loss too much). Thank you so much for writing it so quickly and so well."

Having lost my Father at age 12, I know death only too well. Here's a tribute I wrote to honor him and the company he created.

Whether you are in need of proper words of condolence to celebrate a life of a dear friend who has passed or even a short sympathy poem for your pet, I will write some comforting words for you.

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I hope that your poem will ease your grief and look forward to helping you today. For any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Sympathy Verse

To celebrate Jim Parciarelli
It's hard to know where to start,
The man, mentor, father and friend
Who brings such joy to my heart.

I think, Dad, I'd like to begin
By sharing if I may,
Some of my fondest memories
With everyone here today.

Like rummaging round the Goody Barn
For that 'diamond in the rough',
Knowing now the hand that I held
Was more than precious enough.

Learning how to build a house,
To play golf and racquetball,
No matter how many questions I asked
You always answered them all.

Helping me read your comic books
After the sun had gone down,
Watching you master a needle & thread
To make me a Hallowe'en clown.

Pedalling together in tandem
Up Eldorado's steep incline,
Knowing we'd always reach the top
With your legs pushing onwards with mine.

At all of my graduations,
High school, college, post-grad,
Seeing the love and respect in your eyes
Of the world's proudest Dad.

A courageous Marine Aviator,
Who, in two wars, prevented great loss,
A proud country thanked you with medals
And the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Your courage never left you,
Always positive and driven,
I wish I could give you a medal
For the inspiration that you've given.

The time spent talking in hospital,
I'll cherish those moments with you,
Still discovering, even then,
That we're more alike than I knew.

You taught me so much in life,
To be honest and never to fear,
To trust my instincts, always be tough,
To steadfastly persevere.

My biggest fan, my very best friend,
My lifeline when in need,
When Heaven gave out fathers
I was truly blessed indeed.

But Heaven now has called you back
Into its warm embrace,
I have no doubt that as a result
Heaven's a much better place.

Your strength & intelligence, courage & love,
In my heart I'll always hold dear,
And whenever I need to draw upon them
I'll know that somewhere you're near.

So goodnight my wonderful father,
The man, the mentor, the best;
I'll think of you fondly every day,
Enjoying your well-earned rest.

All my love always,

Your friend and daughter,


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