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Hearty Retirement Poems

Retirement, which tops a lifetime of achievement, certainly deserves a farewell salute.

Whether it's to recognize your boss, a family member, or office-mate, a customized poem from PoemsToGo.TV will surely hit the mark.

Here's Betty's retirement poem for her Dad. "Hi Amy, This is wonderful. It brought laughter and tears to me and my mom. It is so well written. It captures our dad in every essence. It is like the writer has known him his whole life. It is going to be a wonderful moment in the evening. We can't thank you enough." - Sincerely, Betty and Sue

Send in your favorite times spent with the honoree, whether it be a few funny stories, office incidents, favorite characteristics and I will write a personalized retirement poem which reflects your style and taste.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Retirement Poem Sample

Dear Dad,

"Coach" Craig Baker, he's our Dad,
One of the finest dears.
Married to Ellen, she's our Mom,
For forty-four wondrous years.

A big occasion's upon us,
And Dad, who would always inspire,
Is taking a momentous step,
Moving on -- it's that time to retire.

Forty-two years of teaching,
And coaching just as well.
A lifetime of dealing with kids,
And doing a job that's utterly swell.

He started out a Spartan
At Chula Vista High.
Then at Baker U.,
He reached the heights so high!

The best guard all through college,
And that's the truth, no bull.
His philosophy helped in lots of ways,
His glass is always half full.

On to Castle Park High,
Then Bonita Vista to teach.
Math in the classroom, B-ball,
And tennis, no day at the beach.

His Barons were Metro League Champs,
In '71 and in '72.
Success was his in lots of ways,
In all the things he'd do.

His coaching style is classic,
Filled with John Wooden-style advice.
He says make lemonade from life's lemons,
His inspiration is always so nice.

Dad went grey at twenty,
5 foot 8, so fit and strong.
Still works out, plays tennis,
Giving 100% can't be wrong!

Taught his daughters something,
That's truly oh so right.
Sees the GOOD in situations,
Always look for the light.

Crazy about his grandkids,
Thrilled with five in all.
John and Martha, Betty and Sue
And little John -- they're all a ball.

Now Dad and Mom play golf,
And he'll always be our star.
Whether he shoots an eagle, a bogey,
Or just a plain ol' par.

Southwestern College will miss him,
'Cause he truly is the best.
A man of such fine character,
Who always stands the test.

He'll raid the fridge for ice cream,
Keep on the go for sure.
Savor new adventures with Mom,
And from life, get so much more!

Dad, our thanks and our wishes,
On this, your retirement day.
With one clear word from all our hearts,
We love you in every way.


Betty and Sue

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