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Send Dad a Heartfelt Poem for Father's Day

Searching for something new and different to give Dad this Father's Day? I've got the answer - a customized Poem from Poems To Go! These make great gifts. For the past ten years, we have been delighting Dads with our customized poems and speeches.

Now on Father's Day, we would be delighted to write a fun verse for your Dad. Read the poem below. It's from the children of a very proud Father. Dear Amy, "What a happy and wonderful poem! It look pretty great to me and will mean a lot to our Papa. Thanks so much!"

Let's get started! Please place your order right here or click the ORDER NOW button at the top of the page.

You'll receive your Father's Day questionnaire in your email. Tell me all about your Dad, why he's the best ever and I will deliver a heartfelt poem to you in only four business days.

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For any questions, please feel free to get in touch: Here. I look forward to creating a marvelous Father's Day Poem for you!


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

A Sample of a Father's Day Poem

Dear Papa,

Although we're not quite three years old,
We'd like to tell the story
With laughs and happy memories
Of Papa in his glory.

In Ontario, Canada,
He was the oldest boy,
With brothers Bill and Max -
Their parents' pride and joy.

A university degree
He earned in fifty-eight
When he became an engineer
(Mechanic Bill - first rate!)

He 'engineered' his happiness
In nineteen sixty-three;
He married Rose McDougal --
'Rosie' to you and me!

In time, they settled down and had
And had a small 'supporting cast,'
With Peter (our Dad), Auntie Norma and
Our Uncle Aaron(the last).

Soon, Peter and Papa's model planes
Were flying like a dream,
And Papa served as treasurer
For Rosie's diving team.

When Kevin was playing hockey,
You can bet that Papa helped.
(But when Kevin crashed in the boards, our Rosie
Hid her eyes and yelped!)

The family went on road trips
But they never got to stay.
With one loud 'Gotta make time,'
Papa drove them on their way.

And so to university
In time Bill's three kids went,
And Papa was so proud he didn't
Mind how much he spent.

Our Papa gave them summer jobs
So they could earn some bucks,
But got a rude surprise when both boys
Rolled their company trucks.

He loves us, our folks (Peter and Denise),
Auntie Rosie, Uncle Chuck
And Jack, and Uncle Kevin - and soon
Auntie Lisa, with some luck,

He owns a million zillion tools.
(This plan was not his spouse's.)
But we don't mind! He uses them
To build us greatbirdhouses.

He had his doubts how Mom and Daddy's
Free time would be spent
When they were wed - he feared grandkids
Were things he'd have to rent!

Now he and Edith visit us
(An hour's drive, each way)
So Mom can run her errands while
We four stay home and play.

When Mom first met him, he could seem
All serious and lofty.
But we know better! Papa is
Our favorite old softie.

Happy Father's Day Papa!


Robby & Barry

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