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Poetic Anniversary Toasts

For your silver anniversary, it's only fitting to celebrate the day in a special way. Here at PoemsToGo, we feel a Personalized Poem says it best. Our poems are charming, humorous and are based on your stories.

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After I receive your order, I will send you my anniversary questionnaire. Just tell me all about the couple, their favorite pastimes, wonderful remembrances you have, favorite characteristics of the honorees, everything to make your poem special.

From your information, I will construct your poem, or speech and return a first draft within 4 business days. For any questions or unusual requests, by all means, feel free to email me: Here.

It's my delight to write for your anniversary today.


Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Poems for 25th Anniversary - An Example

Dear Janet,

Can time fly by so fast?
The blurred joys of being alive?
Janet, our anniversary -
Can it be - twenty-FIVE?

A quarter of a century,
All those years of married heaven.
Do the math, folks, and you'll see.
In two years - twenty-SEVEN.

I can't forget our fateful meeting,
And how we followed suit.
At Hofstra, remember Janet?
I pelted you with fruit.

I tossed that Hempstead orange,
Nailed you with it, true?
Your first encounter with Mr. Right,
And my first boyish gaze at you.

We went out on a date,
The rest is history, they say.
I asked your dad to help with the ring,
Need I say more? Oy vey!

Your dad reached for his booze,
A drink to contemplate son-in-law to be.
What a moment, what a scene,
Oh, if only you ALL could see.

We got married and moved to Great Neck,
Started our own dear life.
Young husband on the rise,
With his hot-as-ever wife.

Soon on to glorious East Meadow,
The Rotters there, next door.
Life was good, laughs were many,
What else is this life for?

Moved again, more adventures,
And more dear friends, I say.
With the Rubins, so much fun,
Good life in every way.

Then we found three treasures,
Jared, Rachel and Alyssa, our dears.
Now the Hofstra kid PAYS for college,
He says with mounting tears.

No matter, it's a pleasure,
And a token for our memory,
All our hard earned dough
Goes to the U. of Miami - and to Emory.

Meanwhile, my beloved plays tennis,
It's your racket -- on the courts.
You're always just so sparkly there,
And never out of sorts.

I'm different, got my golf game,
I drive, I putt, I chip.
But my greatest thrill of all?
I'm married to a pip!

Not the Gladys Knight kind, however.
Just the world's true greatest gal.
My wife, my love, my confidante,
And yes, my dearest pal.

Janet, dear, with all my heart,
I wish you love and cheers.
On our twenty-fifth anniversary
All I ask is many more years.



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