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50th Anniversary Poem

Dearest Mother, darling Dad,
The best that any daughter had.
I wish you love that isn’t cursory,
I wish you…happy anniversary!

It’s 50 years – hard to believe
That time can fly so fast.
Half a century together –
Your beautiful love – it lasts.

The nice Jewish girl from Shaker Heights,
Her Greek God from old Kornu.
How fortuitous, meeting atop the statue –
Liberty – what a view!

‘Twas closing time, descend you must,
But young Ilene had fear.
She asked this handsome stranger
If he, the way, would steer.

John, always one to help
A lady in despair,
Gallantly consented
To negotiate each stair.

They marched on down together,
He held her high heeled shoes.
Singing “Freres Jacques,”
They chased away her blues.

Arriving safe at ground floor
She thanked this noble guy
Then off to separate places,
See you – never! Bye!

But fate would intervene
Just a few days down the road.
Mom went to a friend’s party
And just guess who else showed?

It was John, the handsome stranger
And the hero at the Statue.
She was so glad to meet him again
And he said, “Right back at you!”

They married on a late spring day,
‘Twas June of ’57.
A lifelong love was launched I’d say,
A marriage made in heaven.

Then Dina came along
And the family was complete.
With dogs to add a loving touch,
Mavrocki was so neat!

I remember Dad’s great pancakes,
To savor with anticipation.
And his famous “Pan Meteron Ariston,”
Everything in moderation.

Over the years their love did flow,
Like manna on the land.
Even in the garden
Where Mom lost her wedding band.

She found it in that same good earth,
Some 20 years, much later.
By then Dad lost HIS – fishing,
Could Greek irony get much greater?

Our family has been so dear and close,
That love is our pure wealth.
We’ve had it all, with happiness
And graced with our good health.

So Mom, just know my thoughts for you
Are love right to the hilt.
For being so great, so generous,
Even with infusions of Jewish guilt.

And Dad, for all your giving,
And over time for getting cuter,
Even though you can be impatient
When you’re teaching the computer.

Just know I love you both so much,
You mean the world to me.
And now your 50th is right here,
Your golden anniversary!

So with my heart I speak to you,
In words of love forever
That trip up Lady Liberty
Was the world’s most perfect endeavor.

And in a world uncertain,
One thing you can be sure,
I love you both with all my heart
And I wish you 50 more!



Made with love by Poems To Go


Dear Amy, WOW! I just read your poem and I was in tears almost right away. I can't thank you enough. It's perfect. Just perfect! Sincerely, Sheryl T., Midland, TX

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