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Wedding Anniversary Poems for your Parents

In search of anniversary ideas for your parents special day? Everyone wants to feel appreciated. So mark their anniversary with a fun, heartfelt verse from PoemsToGo, based on their lives and times.

Here's a true-life example. "Oh Amy, This is such a sentimental and wonderful anniversary poem. You've just amazing for words. Thanking you again and again, Carol"

Do you feel a special connection to the couple? Perhaps you're their child and would like to reminisce about your parent's life. I'll take your stories and turn them into a special poem.

On your parents anniversary, I'd love to write for you. Kindly place your order right here or click the ORDER NOW button on this page.

Your questionnaire will follow in your email box. Please relay some favorite stories and memorable characteristics about your folks. I'll take this information and transform it into something special - a lovely anniversary keepsake for you.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Poem for Parent's Anniversary - An Example

Dear Mom and Dad,

Who can believe it,
Make with the cheers,
Beryl and John
Reach a big fifty years!

Married half a century,
Five decades of bliss.
We’re celebratin’ December 6
A date that’s not to miss.

Mom, you’re still as lovely
As you ever were before.
So fit, so pretty and stylish
A vision we all adore.

And Dad so warm and friendly,
A charmer to all ends,
Still comes to share a joke, a laugh
With dear old yacht club friends.

These sweethearts met ‘in 48
They always made the scene.
Gosh, it’s so amazing,
They were kids – just, wow! Sixteen!

Their relationship grew heavy
Even though distance, it was long.
Mom in Seattle, Dad at Amherst,
But they knew it wasn’t wrong.

They wrote each other letters
Saved with ribbons, love and heart.
A perfect chronicle to romance,
And passion from the start.

In those days of early courtship
When their world went sweetly whirly,
Remember Granddad’s proviso?
"Go see Berylie, but come home early."

T’was Mom’s birthday when Dad did it,
Had their hearts a-singin’.
Ushered her into Grandma’s Buick
And then…engagement ringin’.

They got married on the 6th of Nov.,
And partied in Seattle.
Honeymooned in Paradise
Where they joined in a joyous prattle.

Settled in at Capital Hill
A lovely home they furnished.
Played bridge with lots of swell new friends
A life of love they burnished.

In ’66 dear Carol came
And made a family.
Soon after there was Jim
To add to Mom and Dad’s pure glee.

’78 came with a second home
On Lopez Island – such a beauty.
We’d celebrate the Fourth of July,
"Blow Up Burgers"…‘twas our duty.

The folks had a lot of joys
And a world of hope to float.
And pretty soon there came along
The first C-Dream, their boat.

They’re on their fifth boat now,
And how they love the sea.
It’s where they chance to have much fun,
It’s where they love to be.

‘Course now they have a lot more
Than just a fancy yacht.
Their loves in life include
The finest grandkids in the lot.

There’s Laura, she’s the oldest,
And then her brother, Zach.
Cameron is a great ‘ol guy,
And so’s Dylan – that’s a fact!

Now they spend a lot of time
Traveling ‘round the world.
Maui is their favorite stop
And they’ve given Europe a goodly whirl.

They’re quite at home in Palm desert
Where the sun shines all the days.
Mom decorated a home in Paradise
And Dad caught on with a golfing craze.

Still, Christmas is their favorite time
To spend with family neat.
It’s always something special
Always, you know, such a treat.

Now Mom and Dad at fifty
Years young – and years as one.
We wish you peace and health and love,
And 50 more years of fun.



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