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Mothers Day Poems to Rock her World

Send your Mom all your love, hugs and kisses with a sentimental verse from PoemsToGo. That's right, we've been online for ten years writing for ladies the world round. Now it's your turn. Now at this special holiday, tell her she's the greatest! Read this:!

Dear Amy, "Oh Amy, this poem is the greatest! I just couldn't pen to paper, thank goodness for you and PoemsToGo, Mom is going to love it, I surely do." Thank you so much! Jan

From cute to silly to a combination of the above, we will deliver a heartfelt poem, sure to please even the fussiest of Moms. Ten years and going strong, we've been getting lots of rave reviews.

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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Mother's Day Poems - A true-life Sample

Dear Mom,

As far as mothers go,
We truly have the best.
Her name is Joann Rudolph,
And she stands up to any test.

Five years into her marriage,
She and Dad, well, they had twins.
I guess it was a challenge,
It can even make for head spins.

Jill and I were a handful,
But our Mom really rose.
She’s loving, giving and oh so kind,
As everybody knows.

Always there when you need her,
Simply, truly great.
Married well for all these years,
Which number thirty-eight.

Grown up Baptist, yep.
An Episcopalian she became.
Found a wonderful church like family,
It’s her spiritual claim to fame.

Loves her magic, truly,
Plays piano and organ, too.
Plays with a group at church,
A wonderful thing to do.

Music, cooking and bible study,
Enjoys them all so much.
And one of her famous hugs,
Your heart it will surely touch.

As homemade dishes go,
No one cooks like Mom, for sure.
I could eat four meals a day there,
And still have room for more.

Loves her role as grandma,
To Hunter and to Thane.
Her love is just the greatest,
And it’s never gonna wane.

Mom’s always there when you need her,
To disappoint is not her way.
She’s a bright and shiny presence,
Every single day.

Even though we’re all grown up,
Mom’s still there, it’s true.
A warm heart and a helping hand,
Whatever it takes, she’ll do.

Always most considerate,
Dependable as can be.
Our Mom is just the greatest,
It’s plain for all to see.

We wish Mom many things,
All golden, just like she.
The warm heart’s loving center,
That’s where Mom will always be.

And that’s why on this Mother’s Day,
We give her all that’s due.
With love and thanks and wishes,
Mom, the greatest of all is you.

That’s the way it is,
Bright, warm sparkles from above.
To mom, the best forever,
Happy Mother’s Day…with love.



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