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Poems To Go - Creating Memorable Poems, Speeches, and Toasts for Every Occasion!

Toast by Mother of Bride - An Example

Here's to Donna and Jeff,
With love from Mom, for now and later.
Such a gorgeous couple,
The Systems Trainer and her Trader.

From that interlude on Cyprus,
Where you shared your very first kiss,
It soon was clear to all
That you two couldn't miss.

Fate kept bringing you back together,
Was it destiny or lots?
That meeting two years hence,
On a drunken night at Tots.

Then the big engagement,
As everybody knows.
Jeff's après ski concussion,
That's when he decided to propose.

This couple is so in love,
They purchased their first home.
May the Empire of Jeff and Donna
Last longer than the one in Rome!

Jeff is for Donna,
Her one and only, she talks.
'Course she still carries a torch
For that singer, Chesney Hawks.

"I am the one and only,"
That's the sound track of her life.
She'll wear it well, sing with joy
As sweetheart Jeff's wife.

They're really great together,
So fit and filled with vim.
Always active in many ways,
And often at the gym.

They make a gorgeous couple,
A stud muffin and a babe, it's true.
You want to see real beauty?
See this couple…you'll love the view!

Donna is a movie buff,
Loves her '80s pop.
Makes the world's best lasagna,
I doubt she'll ever stop.

They really spark off each other,
So vibrant is their love, their fun,
With Jeff and his Donna
There's always cheer and sun.

They're just the greatest hosts,
So generous across the line.
Their wedding is a fabulous example
Of an occasion that's truly fine.

A lovely, perfect wedding,
In every single way.
Donna, you really did it,
It's a joy for me to say.

So Donna, girl from Canvey,
And Jeff, lad of Eastwood,
You're on the cusp of a wondrous life,
Live as well as you two should.

With every golden wish,
And light from stars above,
Have joy and peace and health
And always…enduring love.

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